Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Faces On The Buses

Isn't it interesting that the only campaign bus without the face of the party leader on the side is the Liberal Party? This is a brilliant strategy on their behalf, since the party polls far higher than the leader. Best not to remind anyone who or leader is, and if they don't already know, more is the better. The more they can hide Ignatieff, the better off they will be. This is not a a criticism, it is an acknowledgement of shrewd strategy. The man is toxic. Hide him as much as possible, the best strategy for Liberals 2011.


  1. They did that with Dion too - and look how well that turned out. ;)

  2. The opposite with Martin, as he polled higher than the Liberal party in 2005. Every campaign sign had his face on it.

  3. Ahh, I remember the good old days (of a couple of weeks ago), when the Liberal spin was that: the more people see of Iggy, the more they will like him.

    Here's Nik's numbers, just out (with changes from his previous results for Mar 15 to 29):

    CPC ... 38.6 (+1.0)

    LPC ... 27.5 (+1.4)

    NDP ... 19.9 (+1.7)

    Bloc .. 10.0 (-0.1)

    Grn ... 3.8 (-3.0)

    In Ontario, we are up 43 to 32.9


    Calgary Junkie

  4. I think they thought ahead, the LIEberals would not dare have a picture of Biffy west of Ontario on their bus. Although there would be a lot of Trudeau salutes as it passes by.

    Clown Party

  5. Problem is we are not voting for a bus. Iggy is showing up in BC saying that we need more immigrant doctors with degrees from the 3rd world and more grandparents who did not pay for OAS (which is CLAWED BACK for ALL middle class born-in Canada citizens).

    The Liberal bus needs no leader picture, as the mouth of the leader sinks him. Open mouth - insert phoney professor, late of Ottawa and Toronto, who has no comprehension of Canada and no clue how to run the country.

    The secret is that older immigrants actually are worried about too much immigration and human smuggling too!

  6. Who knows the alternative to Shaw in Victoria area it seems Shaw is not offering Sun.

  7. If I saw Iggy's face coming towards me I would either close my eyes and end up in a ditch or put the hammer down and ram it.Either would be better than seeing him elected PM.