Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jack Layton's Idea Of "Compromise"

As this campaign begins, I have noticed that Jack Layton keeps talking about how he was willing to compromise and make Ottawa work. He had presented a list of demands for his support of the budget, and the Tories only allocated $700 million dollars. Jack had demanded over a billion dollars, so he pulled his support for the government. You call that negotiating? 70% of what you wanted suddenly isn't good enough, it has to be 100% or bust? You are doing a yeoman's work for our democracy Jack. Did Jack even read the budget? He couldn't get into the foyer fast enough to make his big announcement. I suspect he might have still pulled the plug had 100% of his demands been met. I personally just find his claim to be a great negotiator to be hypocritical at best.

This demands a poll question: is your idea of compromise getting everything you want or nothing at all?

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  1. It is a known fact that Layton told the press the NDP would not vote for the budget moments before it was released - the caucus had decided that and Layton got the messge