Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ignatieff's Beloved Family Tree

Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff was on Question Period Sunday crying foul about the Conservative Party commenting about his ancestry. While Iggy has been trying to sell that his father came to Canada on a boat with nothing (for his own political gain), the Tories pointed out that he came from Russian aristocracy and were quite wealthy for quite a long time on the backs of the Russian people. Should we be looking at overthrown despots fleeing to Canada as endearing symbols of our culture? Because that has been the picture Ignatieff has long been trying to paint.

Iggy claims virtual victim status about his family losing everything in the Russian revolution. Yeah, but they were doing pretty well for themselves working close to the Czar, exploiting and pillaging their own people to the tipping point where Communism was thrust upon the world. Well done Ignatieff family! Your failures helped spawn the "Iron Curtain", but this is something which should be celebrated as a symbol of Canada? If Gaddafi's henchmen flee to Canada and one day one of their decedents runs for Prime Minister, would it be out of line to point out that the sanctity of their legacy is a question mark?

This is not an attack on Iggy's modern family, his wife, or his children, but rather on the legacy of the entire Ignatieff family tree. I'm sure if we look closer at what the Ignatieff family did under their service to the Czar prior to the revolution, it wouldn't be all sunshine and lollipops. These were the guys punching in with Rasputin every morning.

By these standards, the following music video must damn-near be slander!


  1. Oh, poor Iggy, won't someone think of poor Iggy? If Iggy wants to spin the Horatio Alger myth, then he should expect to be called on it. Compare his "pioneering" family to those who came to Canada with nothing save what they could carry, headed out west and lived on the prairie in sod huts in minus 40 weather. Poor Iggy, won't someone think of poor Iggy?

  2. You're missing the whole point. The mental illness called Modern Liberalism states that reality is what SHOULD BE not what is. Get it?

  3. What's really disgusting is that this incident shows that Ignatieff has no scruples whatsoever. None.

    He's repudiated all of his past academic works just so that he could better fit into the "progressive" narratives favoured by the Liberal party; his attention to policy resembles a weathervane, and now he's willing to fabricate a whole new family history to cast himself in a more noble light.

    This guy IS selling his grandmother for personal gain.

    And he wants to be the new Tzar, er, um, Prime Minister?

    Thanks, but there are used car salesmen with more integrity.

  4. It's all good that Iggy saw fit to throw a tantrum on QP. By doing so his lying is on public record. Isn't it handy that all the family members he glorifies in his ad are dead and can't castigate him for the lies? I suppose that's why he didn't dare mention his living family members. They would be more estranged than they presently are.

    Louise M.

  5. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather on my Father's side came here from Germany and recieved (bought) a land grant from the Canada Company. In order to keep it he had to open the road allowance and clear his land within five years or forefit all his hard work. He managed to do it while living in a log shack while at the same time his wife gave birth to many children. Most of whom didn't survive. My Grandfather on my mother's side came here from England in the 30's. He could not bring his wife with him until he could prove to the Government that he was established and could support his family. That took 3 years of sweat and toil. Shortly after he was ALLOWED to bring his wife here WWII broke out and he joined the army for service over seas. He had to lie about his age as he was too old for enlistment at the time. He served the duration and then came back to Canada and built a life for his family and helped in the development of Simcoe County.


  6. Can't find anything to blame on Ignatieff so you bad mouth his grandparents and imply we need to hate Ignatieff and vote for the crook Harper instaed?
    Simple minded thinking, typical CON

  7. Great grand son of Alexander's III henchman wants to lead a country.