Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well Done Bev Oda

Having watched Bev Oda's statement at the committee hearing, it confirms what many of us have been saying all along. There has never been any intent to mislead anyone of anything, other than CIDA recommendations not providing an option for the Minister in charge to decline funding. Perhaps writing in "not" was not the best way to deny funding, but CIDA now provides an option to say no. There was a flaw in how CIDA bureaucrats recommended funding, and it has since been corrected. Having additional documents where this technique was used proves that this was how funding was denied, NOT that Bev Oda wanted to deceive parliament on Kairos. Okay, maybe she should have instead used a big red stamp that said "denied", but this is neither contempt of Parliament or abuse of democracy.

May I also include that NDP MP Pat Martin is one of the most vile and vicious partisans in our legislature. Please Liberals, if you seize control of the government with a coalition in the next election, I beg of you not to put Pat Martin in charge of anything above hall monitor. You to wonder what's going through Jack Layton's mind when he watches that filth. Does he consider Martin an asset, because he is clearly an NDP liability. Back away from the microphone.

To view the video and read another insightful analysis on the Bev Oda testimony, read this post be Sandy at Crux of the Matter. I would also recommend Hunter at Climbing Out Of The Dark.


  1. Before you criticize Pat Martin too much, maybe remember that the vilest, loudest, most offensive member of Parliament is the emotionally deranged and morally disgraceful, John Baird

  2. Pat Martin is a disgrace to all Manitobans and Canadians.
    He does not even live in Winnipeg anymore and he brings shame to all who live and work in Manitoba.
    No one deserves the treatment that Bev Oda has endured. If Kairos supports Pat martin's bullying of this women then all Christian Churches should run far away. It is time for Kairos to stand up for the fair treatment of all people , including Bev Oda.
    Kairos has been tarnished by their coalition with Pat Martin and David McGuinty.

  3. This entire faux scandal is the result of panic in the Liberal special interest groups that CIDA would be abolished,
    as suggested by a special Senate committee,
    due to 40 years of ZERO RESULTS.

    In 2008 PMSH tasked Minister Oda and Ms Biggs to revamp CIDA, due to that report.
    Many dozens of money sucking leach organizations has since had funding requests refused or entitlement funding cut.

    They all network, want a Liberal government installed and to make CIDA a Crown Corporation. Lib MPs are very involved in this, if you follow BlueLikeYou, you know the details.

    Team Oda-Biggs have been up against a fierce fight and it appears there is some internal mutiny, imo.

    Keep up the fight Minister Oda,
    or better yet,
    recommend that the $3.2 Billion per year taxpayers give to these leaches, is abolished.

  4. Conservatives have CLASS.
    John Baird isn’t attacking a female MP and abusing a parliament committee to accomplish it. John Baird doesn’t act like Pat Martin did on CBC when he virbually attacked Candice Hopner. John Baird reacts to the dispicable likes of doorknob Easter, Boob Rae, wiggle buns Ralph Goodale, Baby Trudeau, Mark nasty Holland. John Baird isn’t a cowardly piglet like Pat Martin who only has the guts to attack defenceless WOMAN. John Baird doesn’t use foul language and has to contend to the smearing Liberano$ everyday in the HOC because these Liberal men are gutless outside the house. Anyone who defends Pat Martin are just as slimey as he is and belong in the same pig slop.

    Ontario Girl

  5. Next time,Minister, simply write a note saying,"I do not approve of this group being funded", sign it, and attach it to the form.

    End of controversy.


  6. I think it would be a terrific idea to flood Peter Milliken's office with e-mails complaining about the treatment Minister Oda was subjected to. Martin and McGuinty are despicable members of parliament and should face some sort of censure for their behaviour.

  7. Speaker Milliken threw Bev Oda to the wolves. He's a spinless Liberal dog just like his liberals buds. Its called hit and take off. He wouldn't even show up as the first witness for the Govt. He was conveniently "Unavailable".A going away present to the Coalition and the media. He's most likely busy drinking fine wine and gorging the best food on his taxpayers funded bloated salary. He doesn't give a hoot for this woman. I have lost all respect for the guy after this disgrace.