Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Liberal "NOT" T-Shirts

As the Tories and Dippers released new television ads, the Liberal Party has unveiled a new T-shirt with the slogan "Stephen Harper NOT Here For Canada" slapped across the front. It is a spoof of Odagate, and what I'd like to know is when they put in the order for the shirts and where did they order them from? This faux controversy is what, 2-3 weeks old? Did they buy Canadian? It would be nice if they sent some of that vote subsidy money to provide jobs to Canadian T-shirt makers. The Canadian T-shirt industry has been decimated by cheap foreign imports. I suspect that Mike Ignatieff is "NOT" here for Canada.

Were these shirts made ordered, made, and delivered in just a few short weeks, and at what point in this story did they place the order? It took us a week to get all the facts in surrounding Odagate, as it is quite a complicated and convoluted string of events. Is it possible that they ordered the T-shirts before this hit the news? Who thought up T-shirt idea?


  1. They plagerized our ad, and the shirts were made in Nicarauga (sp) according to Monte on P&P the other day, he ended by saying they are just visiting, like Ignatieff.
    Wonder if the conservatives could sue for that. I also have wondered when they ordered them. Before the faux scandal. Did they get that document, then plan to make a scandal out of it, and pre order those shirts.
    Why didn't they support the cdn economy and provide canadian jobs. Just proves, he is not there/here for Canada. I hope someone can find out how long it would take to make x number of shirts, time it would take to get them here, thru customs etc. Would love to see the date of the order, and find out it was a couple of weeks before they lost their minds in the HofC.
    I wonder what they think of the latest polls, seems the Oda affair is having an effect they didn't plan on. And this latest non scandal re in and out will also backfire.
    Bison brought up Nixon in the house today, so how far back are they going to go to try and smear the PM.

  2. I think you have nailed it Mary re the timing. Pre ordered Tshirts for a pre ordered scandal.

    Now they look just stupid because most Canadians have no idea what the Oda faux scandal is about anyways.

  3. Oda is a liar. She mislead Parliament. Fortunately for Conservatives, Canadians apparently expect Conervatives to be dishonest and see her behaviour as typical. Not hard to see why 65% of the population refuses to vote Conservative.

  4. No name at 10:42,
    74% of Canadians refused to vote Liberal.

    Those Ts can be bought at any mall kiosk and printed up in days.
    And likely the brainchild of young Liberals,
    as the Donolo gang is too busy combing thru those brown envelopes from Weston and the Crats.

    Libs must be really really broke if Ts are their answer to other parties media buys. Really broke.
    Like in can't afford a leadership race, so go for the election instead.

  5. Latest poll...Conservatives 43%..Liberals 27%
    What the Liberals and CBC don't want Canadians to know.....who is the Liar??

    This was Margaret Biggs testemony(Pres. of CIDA)

    "Yes, I think as the minister said, the agency did recommend the project to the minister. She has indicated that. But it was her decision, after due consideration, to not accept the department’s advice.

    This is quite normal, and I certainly was aware of her decision. The inclusion of the word “not” is just a simple reflection of what her decision was, and she has been clear. So that’s quite normal.

    I think we have changed the format for these memos so the minister has a much clearer place to put where she doesn’t want to accept the advice, which is her perogative."

    Margaret Biggs says there’s no “forgery” case so how can anyone construct one without either her or the other signatory, Naresh Singh?

  6. Guys - the shirt idea is funny. Stephen Harper is decimating this country and if you knew the real repercussions of our economy, you would totally agree. Wait for the next year or two when our taxes are raised at an alarming rate to pay for our huge deficits and debt (that they lie about in their commercials). They aren't balancing the budget, they've put us over a barrel and we'll pay for it later. Housing is about to crash as well. You can thank the conservatives for that. As for Canadian-made T's, yeah, they should have sourced some but as a t-shirt buyer, there are hardly any out there.

  7. @Nonny, is that you Chicken Little?

    Take a look around Nonny ... they sky is ^NOT falling.

  8. I would be willing to pay more taxes as long as P.M.Harper is running the country.I'm a senior citizen and my income is way below the poverty line.I'm sick and tired of Jack Layton saying he's for the famiily.He's definitely not my man.He's for the seniors that used to belong to large unions,and have large pensions,and a lot of them live in Florida.

  9. I dunno, Iceman, the t-shirts seem like a little harmless political fun. I can't imagine they'll have much impact on any future election, and I can't imagine there's any nefarious political manoeuvring going on.