Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NDP Buying Campaign Stickers

The big story in the news today, the NDP has ordered decals for their campaign plane. What's interesting is not that the NDP are buying campaign stickers, but rather that this is even a news story. Did Jane Taber get an anonymous e-mail from someone at the decal factory, or did the NDP leak the story? It seems as though the NDP have been going to great effort to convince the chattering classes that they are eager and able to fight an election. Personally I don't think the NDP actually wants an election, but that they are trying to bluff a stronger hand than they have. If they are buying new stickers, I strongly recommend the scratch and sniff.

The feeling was similar when the NDP gave Dan Matheson a tour of their new election war room. In WWII the R.A.F used to build fake airfields with cardboard planes to convince the Luftwaffe that their strength was greater than it actually was. I'm just saying...


  1. Scratch and sniff? - It wont pass the smell test.
    The NDP ought to put a few of them across Pat Martin's mouth after his bizarre blowout on P&P.
    Makes Charlie Sheen look an alter boy.

    E Mac

  2. Maybe Mulclair ordered them, and leaked it to Jane. The whole coalition of losers are getting desperate and it looks like none of them know where to turn next. Nothing is working for them.Speaking of fools, David Christopherson from Hamilton was just as foolish as Pat Martin today in the HOC.What a pack of idiots.