Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 22nd Budget

It won't be long now. In 3 weeks, the budget will be unveiled and the confidence votes can be decided on. It is still not clear what Jack Layton will do, but the NDP insists that their leader has adequately recovered from hip surgery and cured of cancer, ready to fight an election whenever it happens. It is great to know that Jack is ready, willing, and able to go. While I disagree very often with Jack Layton's policies, I do wish him good health. Election predictions are still all over the map, as it remains extremely difficult to sift through the rhetoric on all sides.

Will the Tories be empowered by recent polling numbers and put a poison pill in the budget? They are not likely to engineer their own defeat, yet their support is high enough that they don't have to bend to the demands of the far left party. The most likely outcome is a budget similar to what they'd produce if they had a majority.


  1. I want the Govt to bring down a budget that is good for the country...never mind Opposition blackmail. look what happened last time? The opposition are still rubbing it in.Your damned if you do and damned if you don't anyways...can't please everyone.

  2. Considering that the finance minister met with all provincial ministers in 2009 re the cpp, and changes were adapted to come into effect Jan 1,2012, the GIS was probably discussed then also. If that is raised it would be a good thing for a lot of seniors, but Jack can try to take the credit to save face, but it was probably already there.
    If said letter was hand delivered, how could it be an e-mail. The way the coalition and Evan took off on it you would think Jason had killed someone. Asking him to step down is crazy. When iggy has not punished a drunken driver mp he is not one to talk about ethics or anything else.
    And did you catch Bob Bohner Rae today, crying.
    If he was really that upset he should have stayed home.
    Mary T