Sunday, March 13, 2011

Farewell Stockwell

It is official, Stockwell Day will not be seeking re-election in the next election. That's too bad, I voted for him to be Prime Minister in the first federal election I was eligible to vote in. Also departing will be Chuck Strahl and John Cummins. As a British Columbian, I hope that at least one of these departing Ministers will consider running for leadership of the BC Conservative Party. The commute from BC to Ottawa is horrendous, and that is often the reason that West Coast MPs decide to step away. The BC Conservative leadership vote is a month away. If Stockwell puts his name in, he will be the next Premier of British Columbia.

Who is going to replace Stock? Thus far fellow Blogging Tory BC Blue has put his name in the running to replace him, and I definitely think Dean can be the next Garth Turner. I would endorse Dean Skoreyko to run for the federal Tories in Okanagan—Coquihalla. The Tories are going to win that seat regardless of the candidate. Too bad Ross Rebougliatti quit, Stockwell's resignation would have been good news for him.


  1. I was pleased when I read your post about Mr Day. Because there are so many sicko headlines about the issue, it was refreshing to read something short and positive.
    I live just across the pond from Mr Day's riding and know first hand the tremendous job he has done for everyone.
    Farewell and thank you to a dedicated Canadian.
    mel wilde

  2. Dean has a propensity for shooting his mouth off before thinking about what he's saying.

    His remarks about Blair Lekstrom got him kicked out of the BC Conservatives.

  3. I do admit that Day has had good times and can be considered a successful Minister at the Federal Level. However, as an Albertan, it could not have been too soon for him to leave Alberta. He was a disaster as a Minister in this Province. We are still cleaning up some of his mess. Stockwell Day has shown in later life to be a good minister, but can he lead and inspire? That is the question for BC Conservatives.

  4. The British Columbia Conservative Party spokesperson who last week publicly called departing energy minister Blair Lekstrom “a rat” has been stripped of his duties.

    Responding to a phone message, party President Wayne McGrath sent an e-mail to the Tyee last night regarding Dean Skoreyko's status with the Conservatives: “I can advise that Mr. Skoreyko is no longer a member of our Board of Directors nor does he have any official capacity with the Party.”

  5. Look for John Cummins to run for the leadership of the BC Conservative Party.

  6. BC Conservative Leadership Convention

    SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2011

    15269 – 104th Avenue Surrey, BC

  7. When I wrote that Dean could be the next Garth Turner, that wasn't a compliment. You could run a donkey for the Tories and they'd win that riding.