Monday, March 7, 2011

Jack Layton's Health

The latest trendy political conversation is whether or not Jack Layton is healthy enough to fight an election. There was mixed opinion on CTV's Power Play Sunday. Elections are physically demanding, and the NDP leader is recovering from cancer and hip surgery. Regardless of whether or not he wants to fight an election in his current condition, he will likely require his doctor's approval to do so. We are just over two weeks away from the next budget which will decide whether or not there is a spring election.

I suppose the NDP could just abstain from the budget without approving it, citing the health of their leader as reason. Jack keeps himself in good shape and will recover, but right now might not be a good time. The Liberals can't very well attack the NDP for abstaining on the budget vote because Jack is recovering from surgery. Then again, if Milliken decides the Harper government is in contempt over prison funding disclosure, there could be an election whether the NDP intends to support the budget or not.


  1. They say he is up walking, is that with a walker, a few steps, with a nurse, to the bathroom and back, or down the hallway and back, without help.
    Anyone watching the Brier are seeing a lot of the conservative positive and truth ads. Iggy is probably wishing he had never said, I am prepared to lead a coalition govt, gst is not off the table, America is my country. Proud to be an american.
    I know, he never said those things, according the libs and the media, they are all lies and attacks.

  2. Whether Jack Layton is well enough to run and campaign during a federal election is a mote point. He is the leader of the NDP and if he cannot physically do public appearances - he has party officials and MPs to carry his message. I am not going to cry crocodile tears for Jack - he has set things in motion with his wild threats of non-confidence. Sometimes you get your dream or nightmare - its all about timing. Cheers.

  3. The CINO CPC do not want an election only the Libs do it seems. The last thing Iggy will be worried about is Taliban Jack`s health. If anything he will see Jack`s situation as a possibility of picking off a few of the NDPs seats.

  4. Enough with all the posturing and invented "crises", let's have an election!

    It'll be about three months from now if it's called after the Budget,so Layton will be ready to lead the NDP to another 30-something seats.


  5. wonder if Taliban Jack used public or private health Care. can anyone do some investigating on that.

  6. THERE IS No doubt in my mind that Layton has sincerely held viewpoints on the issues of the day. I do not agree with most of his solutions and I also think that his course would put us in penury.

    But Jack is a human being and shows that he cares. I care that Jack does well in his medical outcomes but that does not extend to political outcomes.

    Good luck with your health Jack.

  7. Jack needs to use his head. Support the budget. Wait another year until his health improves and leave Ignatieff twisting in the wind and allow Lib caucus dissension to grow.

  8. It would be a mistake to have an election just now.
    CPC needs Ignatieff exactly where he is as the unpopular Liberal Leader! The present minority gov't is working fine. The CPC does NOT need a new Liberal leader which we would have with a wasted election and another minority CPC gov't.!!!

  9. "If anything he [Iggy] will see Jack`s situation as a possibility of picking off a few of the NDPs seats. "
    -- Could this be the reasoning behind the rumoured snap election call by the Libs? It would not surprise me.

  10. jon how could it be the same when the conservatives are leading in the polls at 42 percentI beleive the last poll on here showed.
    and there leading in ever province except quebec. that ismajority If I do say so my self.

  11. I'm not convinced PMSH wants a Maj.!
    His party is a coalition. Presently, that is easier to control and govern from the center. With a Maj. it will be more difficult to hold together methinks and prevent it from moving to far to the right. The Maj of votes are at the center.