Monday, March 21, 2011

Iggy Will Say Anything To Seize Power

After watching Ignatieff blowhard his way though another interview in Sunday's Question Period on CTV, one cannot escape the unavoidable conclusion that this man will say anything to seize power. He denies that Liberal attack ads are even attack ads, he maintains that he needs to see the budget before deciding how to vote on it and then says that the government has zero credibility and cannot be trusted economically. The Liberals first announced their intention to bring down the government in December, and have never attempted to negotiate terms whereby they would support the budget (which they did to back the NDP into a corner). Meanwhile Canada has had one of the best economic recoveries in the G20 and has received international praise for our fine performance.

Granted, I understand why he is trying to fabricate a false narrative about poor economic performance, because it is generally seen as Stephen Harper's greatest strength. So long as that continues, the Liberals will continue to sit in opposition. We'll have to see if Iggy keeps saying "56 billion dollar deficit" when Flaherty significantly reduces the deficit this week. All this being said, I hope Iggy Flop keeps doing interviews. I'd even like to see more interviews. It is quite comical to watch him in these situations, where he almost does a satire of himself. The more Canadians see of Iggy, the less they like him.

Keep talking Count Chocula, please, keep talking.


  1. Iggy says the PM can't be trusted. He says this over and over again and then claims to not engage in personal attacks.
    I must be missing something here.

  2. I am impressed with the seal happy media that can digest the Liberal pablum. They don't see any hypocrisy in publicizing the personal attacks and character assassination from the actors in liberal-left.

    Apparently the media will save their shock and disgust for Conservatives that choose to fight back.

    It is possible many in the left don't feel Conservatives are worthy of equal treatment or respect including due process.

  3. I am sure the CBC has been working overtime all weekend ,to help feed the public more of their false stories ,and their know nothing panel of EXPERTS will all be on hand to help the coalition cause.Ignatieff is looking quite angry these days. Could be because his hyocracy is catching up to him. When will we see that last of this mud slinging, mob of Liberal rot?

    Ontario Girl

  4. I agree that the more Canadians see of the foreign Count the more they will dislike him, no matter how much the media prop him up. Add another 300 million taxpayer dollars being wasted away because the Liberals feel entitled to their entitlements. Why have an election now? Because the Liberals lust for power, or they need to insert a new leader. Either way it's just the Liberals doing what they feel is best for the Liberals. Gomery taught them nothing. Liberals and the media proving again and again what colossal douche bags they are, and they care only for themselves.