Monday, March 14, 2011

Economic Action Plan Ads

You can add a new complaint to the opposition pre-election wolf crying repertoire, the government is spending money buying advertisements outlining Canada's economic action plan. Evidently trying to inspire consumer confidence is a bad thing, especially when the Liberals have been proclaiming that the sky is falling. Maybe we wouldn't need to buy these ads if the Libs were a little more honest about the fantastic shape of the Canadian economy? Why do stock markets go down when consumer confidence goes does? Because nervous consumers is bad for economic output. Personally I don't see a problem inspiring confidence in our economy. The Liberals want to convince Canadians that we are in worse shape than we actually are.

I'm sure the Liberals never bought ads outlining government programs when they were in office...


  1. because if they did put out ads and we saw nothing done we will ask which is not in their mantra. So, keeping quiet they are able to fill brown paper bags claiming at the same time that they are working for the canadian public.

    Can you imagine economic action plan ads from the Coalition.
    shut down the oil sands
    duceppe billion dollars bribery
    No new military equiptments.
    etc etc......

  2. Jen:

    Yes, I can but as we get down to the budget 11th hour, it will be interesting to see if the opposition wishes to bring down the government a day prior to the actual release.
    Regardless, the finance minister should still go on National TV and explain to all Canadians the "good news budget" that could have been but was torpedoed by the opposition.
    Then watch the .... fly!
    To my way of thinking, it's a win-win situation for the Cons.
    End of lesson.

    E Mac

  3. Funny, I don't recall one ad from liberals pointing out the benefits of adscam. Will they buy time to advertise they will fund a quebec arena, in English Canada and give Kairos their 7 million dollars.

  4. I agree with you E. MAC on this that if the budget for the public is too be prevented by the opposition Flagerty should reveal the contents of the budget on National TV. However, the National TV has a habit of not airing or allowing anyone see or hear what the conservatives have done for canadians so you can imagine 'the Budget.'

  5. 2002-2003 Chretien spent $111 million on advertising. Likely to sell the huge transfer cuts to the provinces to get out of debt and defict, before Canada took on 3rd world status.

  6. A program that is ending in 15 days and they spend $26 million promoting it.

    It's obvious it's a way to run a pre-election campaign on the backs of taxpayers.

    Get off your Conservative High Horses and call it exactly what it is ... WRONG.

    How does this inspire confidence in me? I'm an average Canadian, an undecided voter right now and I see the Conservatives blatantly stealing money to promote themselves saying "look at what we did"

    Adscam is gone and over with. The money spent was supposed to save the country right?

    Harper's administration (notice I didn't say Government) is anything but above board and honest ...

    Let's look at the recent RCMP investigations of a staffer, the In-Out scam that 4 will probably do jail time for, the Bev Oda lying ...

    Make no wonder I'm undecided. I want to vote but have nowhere to turn.

  7. Yes anonymous, I'm sure you are an undecided voter...