Thursday, March 3, 2011

United Nations "Suspends" Gaddafi From Human Rights Council

Way to go United Nations, they have finally suspended Libyan leader Moomar Gaddafi from their Human Rights Council. That of course begs the question; what the hell was this lunatic doing on the HRC??? Who were his references? Paul Martin? Who recommended Gaddafi for a seat on the HRC, and which UN member nations voted in favour of the appointment? The bigger story is not that he was suspended from the HRC, but rather that he was ever appointed to it. I did watch the Daily Show last night, and Jon Stewart asked if Moomar was suspended from the HRC, what would it take for him to get expelled from the HRC?

Excellent question...


  1. Who recommended him? Umm, prolly all the dictators Harper refused to suck up to for a SC seat. The UN is a joke.

  2. He's just another one of the old boys at the HRC. He's their to teach the up-and-comers how to be a vicious cut throat dictator and how to manipulate all the lily white liberal numbnuts.
    He fits right in with that crowd.

  3. What a first class bunch of assholes inhabit the United Nations. The only thing they contribute to is an increase in the number of people being killed.
    mel wilde