Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expiry Date-gate

When I hear Shelly Glover muse that Anita Neville has exceeded her "expiry date", I tend to agree. However this is not a case of age based discrimination. There are many quality politicians of her age that do a great job and I support, but this particular politician is frequently vile and disturbing in the House of Commons. It has nothing to do with her age, but rather the vitriol that spews out of her mouth. When I made the personal decision that I had enough of Anita, her age was not a factor. Her words were all the reason that I needed to think she had reached her expiry date.

It is ridiculous that Glover's comment is even becoming an issue. Shelly is an admirable individual and there is no way she intended to attack Anita's age. It is her policies that have expired, not her ability to function as a politician.


  1. Since when did truth or honour ever matter to a lefty?

  2. Shelly was too kind to say it but Anita Neville is lazy. You always hear or see Shelly on TV talking about something. Same thing with Pat Martin. (like him or not) Even Kevin Lamaureux the newly elected Liberal is visiable to Manitobans. Not Anita. The only time you see or hear from her is at election time. She loves to go on all these exotic jaunts but never comes into her own riding to do the will of the people who elected her. Let me repeat. ANITA NEVILLE IS JUST PLAIN LAZY.

  3. The Winnipeg Free Press has worked with Liberals and NDP to derail conservatives for years. The Winnipeg Sun is fair and balanced.
    Shelley Glover has done well over the last 2 years as a Thankyou the media will attack her endlessly. Conservatives get the same treatment in Regina.

  4. tweet on
    'Nanaimo-Cowichan Liberal candidate decides after 3 days he doesn't want to run after all, thanks very much. http://tiny ...

    So is this the coalition non-compete agreement in action?

  5. Iggy has different rules for Crash Rodriquez than for opponents.
    This is pretentious, and tells Canadians all they have to know, about the integrity and morals of Count Ignatieff, and his distorted version of justice and democracy in this country that he preaches and the media dutifully report.
    He has condemned and sentenced opponents to purgatory because they are subject of allegations, and says it is unethical and improper for them to participate in this election, even as a volunteer campaign worker.
    Canadians are now asking Count Iggy to explain, why Pub Rodriquez who is facing serious criminal charges, which are well substantiated, and backed by concrete evidence, is still a member of the Liberal caucus, and even maintains a critics role. Iggy has endorsed his candidacy in this election to the chagrin and disappointment of most Canadians.
    If a dogma of Ignatieff's democracy and justice is that there is one rule for Liberals and another for the rest of us so be it, but that speaks volumes of Iggy's integrity, sincerity and leadership, which many in the media seem to turn a blind eye to .
    What he does owe Canadians at the minimum, and I think the media will agree, is that Iggy and the Liberal party provide a chauffeur for Crash Rodriquez during this campaign.
    If he is not prepared to do this, then he should inform MADD, and I am sure they would only be too happy to make our streets safer by providing a chauffeur for Crash.

  6. Shelley Glover said nothing wrong and certainly not ageist. I wonder if all the people piling on Glover asking for apologies also were as angered when Liberal, Robert Thibault, said the following: "If they (Conservatives) wanted to take me out, I would think you'd get someone who's looking forward to building a political career, not somebody who's at the age where he's considering retirement," he told reporters. "You're not building for the future here. This is a candidate who's lost provincially, lost federally, and is what, 62, 63 years old?" Now THAT's ageist. Anybody have on record good ol' Anita complaining about that?