Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who Do You Blame?

Today's poll question; which opposition leader deserves the most blame for this pending Canadian election? Jack Layton was the last one to pull his support, and did so after Flaherty included NDP demands in the budget. Jack decided he wanted all of it or none of it. So is Jack to blame? Iggy pulled his support months ago, and boxed himself into a corner that he now has to campaign against the budget which will be the Tory campaign platform. Iggy denied tax credits for children's arts programs, more for seniors, continuation of home reno credit, and a substantial reduction of the federal deficit.

The budget is fantastic as an election platform, and the Prime Minister holds the hammer on the timing. As Chantal Hebert said on At Issue, nobody questions that the government has lost the confidence of the House, so he has justification to ask the Governor General to call an election whenever he chooses.

So who deserves the blame, Iggy, Jack, or Gilles?


  1. Iggy and Layton have played chicken and both have lost. But, why not blame Scott B for this election, due to his motion of contempt. Does he or anyone really believe you can give 100% right answers on the cost of something that wont be purchased for several years, and will have maintenance costs for years. Hey, what did those subs cost that the liberals bought.
    As for spending, perhaps if the libs hadn't starved the military for years, those costs could have been spread over several years.
    If the libs think we have forgotten all their scandals, refusal to pay their debts, entitlements, they are very wrong. Too bad iggy is ignorant of all those past scandals. We have not forgotten. So far today there are 2 posts out re IRuby and her attempts to gag her nanny.
    One post out re Jack Layton and his expenses, and family connections to past governments. He is not just an average man who cares. His kitchen table is hardly used considering what he and wife have expensed for meals and entertainment. Hope she is defeated and loses her pension.
    And re the CPP he is complaining about, on Jan 1, 2012 changes are coming that were implemented in 2009 with agreement of all provincial premiers.

  2. first, is it the opposition's fault the government has lost the confidence of the house?

    And who brought about the last unnecessary election that only, once again resulted in another minority? Right, Stephen Harper. After bringing on the last 2 elections, and proroguing parliament twice, it'll be a tough sell on Canadians that this is the opposition's fault.

    The last election, Harper only had Dion, flapping in the wind, and little if any scandals and criminal investigations. This time round, it's going to be a bit more of an uphill battle for Harper. I can't imagine this will be a shoo in as far as a majority is concerned.

  3. If Harper goes to the GG before vote on and budget, then I blame Harper for election.

    If he waits, and the government falls, then it will fall upon both the LIEberals and Non-Democradic Party equally.

    Clown Party

  4. Has anyone else noticed that May 2nd is also the last day for filing tax returns this year? Just what we need, filing tax returns & listening to election propaganda at the same time. However, the Conservatives could - if they are smart enough - put out some very clever ads to the effect of 'we've given you these deductions already and here's what else we were prepared to give but the others won't let us'.