Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ignatieff Channeling Joe Clark?

Kelly McParland recently wrote a great piece in the National Post titled "Michael Ignatieff’s Joe Clark strategy for success", which is a must read. He asks the question when was the last time a party doing so poorly in the polls was this determined to force an election? "We could be a week away from the writ being dropped, and the latest surveys suggest that, if anything, Michael Igantieff and his caucus are less popular than ever. What kind of party forces an election when they are ten points or more behind the government, and losing ground?"

It is a curious scenario. Most parties typically wait for a momentum shift before they get election hungry, but the Liberals are acting like they have no idea how unpopular they are right now. They're currently sitting at 23%. The only answer that makes any sense is that the Liberals are growing tired of their own inept leader and need an election to replace him. They just have to hope that they don't become so unpopular that the Tories win a majority government. Just wait, that will come next. Tory majority fear mongering.


  1. The above scenario is exactly what will happen if the opposition chooses to bring down the government - A Conservative majority.
    Yes, that will rid the Libs of their problem child but at what cost? This is unfair to Canadians for having to financially dump a "Goony Bird" at any cost but they will remember as they trudge to the polling booths. The Libs are not looking at cost at this point in time but just to get rid of an inept personality however they can. I believe one of them will cave at the last minute and right now all I hear is "crickets."
    The only people who truly want an election is the MSM and all their Hacks.
    By world standards, if all Canadians have to worry about is an election over stupidity, what does that tell you?
    The opposition is power hungry and believe they can sink their teeth into something, but ^NOT enough to have any great effect.
    Canadians are more concerned about the economy not absurd buffoonery in the HOC.
    PM Harper is correct.

  2. The only difference between Joe Who and Iggy is that Joe is a real Canadian while Iggy is a Canadian of Convenience. They both are still
    not to smart .

    Rob C

  3. Funny how the goon squad in the Kangaroo court committee think. David McGuinty used these words yesterday ..." Mark my words. After 5 years Canadians are catching up".
    Yes they are ,and the Conservatives are IN and the Coalition is OUT.
    Amazing how they have a new ATTACK ad out saying Bev Oda committed FRAUD. This is before the committee of goons have even heard from her, since the speakers ruling of one word.."CONFUSING".They are the "hang them high" party...Not innocent , just guilty with this bunch.I hope she sues the Liberals.
    Strange that Speaker Milliken wasn't available for a witness. Guess it could be called Hit and RUN?
    Ignatieff is the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. William in Ajax said...

    The two conservative witnesses should have been as un-available as the speaker, until such time as the speaker becomes available.
    They should have announced that until the speaker deems these procedings worthy of his
    attendance conservatives will as well.

    They should also remind the windbags from the opposition, to stop wasting taxpayers money,
    these procedings are costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars an hour.
    Use points of order to demand they can the speeches AND ASK YOUR QUESTION, say it with a little dose of annoyance intoned.
    Show some disgust at the oppositions waste of our money!