Friday, March 11, 2011

Liberals Vulnerable To Tories: Anita Neville

The next election in Winnipeg South Centre should be interesting. Although the riding has been Liberal since 1988, with Anita Neville taking over for Lloyd Axworthy in 2000, she only won by 6% in 2008. In 2000 she won by 22%. In 2004 she won by 19%. In 2006 she won by 8%. Notice a trend? Her margin of victory has become smaller each time she has run for office. She has become one of the most vile Liberal mudslingers in Question Period, and it is time for her to be put out to pasture.

Again I would encourage you to visit the website of Tory candidate Raymond Hall, and if you're tired of Anita Neville, make a donation.


  1. Ibbitson chalks it up to the CPC stand on Israel winning over the Jewish vote.

    '..Winnipeg South Centre, which also has a large Jewish population, Liberal MP Anita Neville’s plurality has become so thin that the riding is now considered a prime candidate for a switch to the Conservatives...'

  2. She's the one who gets up in question period and crys to Rona Ambrose that she isn't doing enough. The joke is, the Conservative Govt. have done more then her Liberal party ever did.Liberals also vote against everything Neville is crying about. She is a whinning mudslinger like the rest of the hopeless thieves and liars in that party.

  3. Too bad Mr. Hall has resigned as the candidate.

  4. I did my due dilligence when I wrote the post. I checked Pundit's Guide. What happens next is out of my hands.