Saturday, March 26, 2011

Refusing To Answer Questions = Contempt For Democracy

In his speech to the media following the collapse of Parliament, the Prime Minister did not answer questions from the media. The leader of the Liberal Party immediately jumped on this as proof that Stephen Harper has contempt for Democracy. Meanwhile just a day earlier, Ignatieff refused to answer straight forward questions about whether or not he would pursue a coalition government in the even of another Tory minority. By his own logic, Iggy has contempt for our democratic system. If he has no intention of a coalition, then why not answer the question?

For all his pounding on the drum of Democracy, Iggy was never elected to his post of party leader. That would make a great poll question, should party membership elect party leaders? Backroom deal with your rivals are hardly democratic.


  1. Liberal lawyers worked overnite writing a weasel statement on coalition.
    Ignatieff and the Liberal party are using weasel words, as everybody has noted, in answering the coalition question. They have taken days to draft this answer, as we all know, to give themselves enough wiggle room in future for Ignatieff, the Liberal Party and other Liberal leaders. In their statement, they also had to satisfy and accommodate Liberals, who are lined up with Bob Rae, Ujjil Dosanjh, Ralph Goodale etc. who are strong proponents and advocates of the coalition – they aren’t prepared to torpedo the coalition because they know and the polls tell them, that is the only way for Liberals to regain the seats of power in Canada – they know it, the media knows it , and Canadians know it . What about the work that Chretien, Broadbent, and others, have done in working on a coalition – they aren’t prepared to see their work and efforts tossed out the window, by the party releasing a definitive and unambiguous statement without weasel wording.

  2. Actually, PM Harper stated that until he had gone to the GG, he would not answer questions. He told the reporters that they could ask him questions after his visit to the GG, and that is exactly what happened.

  3. Your post is bang on. Of course, arrogant Ignatieff thinks he's exempt from rules that apply to the other parties. Why, he's Michael Ignatieff! The Professor from Harvard! How DARE we ask him ANYTHING!

  4. Ignatieff did answer the question. He simply did not give an answer that was as clear as possible. Meanwhile, Harper refused to answer questions yesterday.

    If that's not proof that Harper had lawyers working with him all night, I don't know what is.