Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bloc Endorsing Thomas Mulcair?

When Chantal Hebert wrote last week that the Bloc and NDP are now "objective allies" in Thomas Mulcair's riding of Outremont and that the Bloc wants Mulcair to win the seat in the next election; what exactly does that entail? So the party dedicated to breaking Canada apart are cheering for Layton's deputy? Are they pulling their candidate in Outremont, or just fielding a weak candidate with little campaign support? Chantal discusses how both the NDP and Bloc want to beat the Liberals in that riding, but is decidedly quiet on details.

In the next election, Mulcair will face a more threatening Liberal foe in the shape of former justice minister Martin Cauchon. But it seems he will once again not have to worry about a strong Bloc challenge.

In the battle to keep Cauchon out of the House of Commons, the Bloc and the NDP are objective allies and the same is also true in the neighbouring riding of Papineau – where Justin Trudeau is seeking re-election.
If the separatists want Muclair to win, what does that say about Tommy boy? They must think he's doing a great job of dividing Canada and breaking up the country. That looks bad on you Tom, even if you are angling to replace your ailing leader.


  1. Sure a lot of buzz surrounding Muclair - methinks something is afoot - perhaps a palace coup - Jack is in tough. Cheers.

  2. And they always talk about PM Harper and a hidden agenda and how bad a majority Govt. would be.
    What is Mulcair...another Iggy..."Just in it for himself". What a bunch of losers.

  3. The less seats the Liberals win,
    the more power Bloc MPs have in a coalition of losers.
    Perhaps Bloc+NDP (more than Lib numbers) want to insure they can vote out a Lib leader in the coalition, they could have in 2008.