Thursday, March 17, 2011

BC Minimum Wage

Within a day of being sworn in as Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark has decided to raise the minimum wage. I'm sure that will be very popular with the less than 5% of the work force who earns minimum wage, and the other people who will be fired because their job is no longer cost effective for the small business owner at a higher price point. Ironically, Christy's first major policy announcement is one of the top priorities of the NDP. This is a slippery slope, trying to out flank the Dippers on the left. What NDP policy will she choose next?

Come on BC Conservative Party, find a quality candidate for leader! Mr Cummins and Mr Strahl would be excellent selections.


  1. A day after Chrisy Clark is sworn in as Premier the judge in the BC Rail trial orders all documents returned or destroyed.

    Cover up?

    You bet

  2. Stupid idea . . . tragically stupid idea.

    If you want the NDP to get elected, split the non-NDP vote.

    If you want conservative values. . . get control of the non NDP Party and re-brand it from its current bad name.

  3. Well, I'll vote Conservative.

  4. At one time the Liberal Party of BC had but one MLA by the name of Gordon Wilson, he ended his career with the NDP.

    Remember the Socreds crashed and burned, so will the Liberals.

    Too much Liberal corruption and wrongdoing with the same backroom crowd pulling the strings.

  5. Minimum wage is anti-employment and only increases unemployment. What so many ignore is that the employer not only has to pay the wage (whatever the job or experience of the worker)but also all the other benefits. When it comes to the average family business, it becomes too costly to hire, so the inexperienced youth can no longer find employment. Why this is so difficult for people to grasp is beyond me.

  6. trying to out flank the Dippers on the left

    Just like Iggy and the federal Liberals :)

  7. The BC government has declared war on the hospitality industry in BC. First they lowered the blood alcohol limit to .05 (accomplishing nothing), then they imposed the HST, and now they are increasing labor costs by 28%.

    What a sad state of affairs.

  8. Oh well, there is no cost too high when it comes to social justice. I guess small businesses will tighten their belts, or pack it in, or pay staff under the table.

    Or maybe it's time to stop kidding ourselves and just move to marijuana as the official currency. >6% of power consumption, #1 cash crop - pretty significant when considering the amount of fruit in the okanagan - BC Bud.

    BC : Bring Cash

  9. social justice=communism