Friday, March 11, 2011

The Politics Of Crying Wolf

As the Liberals steer themselves foolishly towards an election, all of these alleged controversies they have been screaming about is not registering with the electorate. More polls are confirming a sizable lead for the government, as Ignatieff's personal approval numbers continue to plummet. Since Iggy became leader, the crying wolf strategy has been used every time there is even a sniff of a controversy (often premature). Some pundits think the constant mud slinging will have a cumulative effect, but it would appear to have the effect of the town's people tuning out those crying.

Our economy is roaring, and we are supposed to need an election because staffers made minor memo mistakes? Right. Personally I like Canadiansense's take that the Liberals want Canada to spend $300 million dollars to replace their leader...


  1. Their constitution wont allow them to dump him and they probably can't afford to keep him around much longer as fundraising levels have returned to Dion levels.

    Ignatieff was promoted on the belief he could fix the fundraising gap. Oh well.

    Thanks for the link. Many Liberals will hold their nose as they did with Dion and vote for another or stay home.

    Frank pointed out the lack of loyalty for Liberals and the Ontario gap.

  2. I think all that mud is sticking to the liberals not to PMSH.

  3. I agree with maryT. Many people are becoming sick of the whining opposition. I would imagine anyone working at a large company could find an mini-scandal in their office every day of the week. "Bob is using company paper for his private work!" "Mary ate my lunch out of the fridge because she is a mean, nasty person!"

    At some point, co-workers say "Enough already, just get to work".

  4. These guys could use a complete wipe out like what happened to the PCs.

    You know what will be sweet? -when the MSM is forced to talk about the wolf-crying. -because it was they who assisted and encouraged and failed at it.

  5. I accuse the Liberal Party, in fact all the opposition, of imperiling our democratic system. They are not acting as an effective Opposition, not contributing to the development of constructive policies and not working for the betterment of the country. They hammer away on inconsequential matters with the unique intention of impugning the Conservatives in the eyes of the media and the electorate.

    And they have the nerve to proclaim the PM is a blight on our democracy. They need to look inward and admit to themselves that they blew it.

    We Conservatives are onto their vile tactics and judging from recent polls so are a growing number of Canadians.

    Louise M.

  6. On yesterday's At Issue panel, Allan Gregg said:

    "... the risk they run, especially the Liberals, is that it muddies up their focus in any pending campaign, more than it's muddied already.

    What is the ballot question for them ? Is it trust, is it the government's spending priorities don't reflect Canadian values, is it that we're worse off than we were five years ago, I don't know ..."

    The mistake Iggy made is that he went OFF his narrative about planes, prisons, corporate taxes--the narrative that was seen as a winner by the Liberal bloggers. He should have kept hammering away on those issues, and left this other stuff to his attack dogs.

    Contrast that with how we keep repeating, over and over, just a few narratives--the fragile economic recovery; not a good time for an election; and carpet-bagger, tax-and-spend Iggy.

    Calgary Junkie

  7. As far as I'm concerned I don't care what they say or do until they pay back the adscam money and apologise to Canadians for stealing from them . Until then they can #*** off and stay #***** off .

  8. Two questions people should be asking themselves:

    1. Why would the opposition try to force and election when they are bound to lose.

    2. Where is the media shouting from the rooftops that CANADIANS DONT WANT AN ELECTION.

    The opposition is pushing for an election with the faux scandals - fully supported by the media - because they know that if another year goes by that their popularity will continue to plummet. Canada is being governed very well and more people are waking up to that fact - thanks largely to the equalizing effect the internet supplies to the MSM pro left spin.

    They also know that they will lose. So why go to the polls?

    Dice toss. Opposition has figured out that next year the Conservatives will be even higher in the polls. This is their last good chance at having an election deliver another Conservative minority (there is no chance of a Lib minority).

    And they will - with media help - try to install themselves as a coalition. Its the last chance the opposition will ever get to play that card.

    The media loves to play the CDWAE card whenever the conservatives look strong or the Libs look weak. So why no now?

    Because they are complicit in the plan to install a coalition.

    That is what we are running up to and what the recent scandals have been about.