Monday, March 7, 2011

"Do you know where your MP is?"

It is not very often that Gloria Galloway at the Globe and Mail writes something which reflects poorly on the Liberals, so when she does I feel obliged to link it. Thank you for somebody at the Globe finally picking up on this poor Liberal attendance story that we Blogging Tories have been discussing for almost 2 years. The Liberals are notoriously bad at showing to vote, yet they get all high and mighty if you prorogue parliament for the Olympics.

"Seventeen MPs, most of them Liberals, have missed at least one-quarter of the votes in the House of Commons in the past two years.

Three Liberal backbenchers – Jim Karygiannis, Keith Martin and Ruby Dhalla – came close to missing half the more than 300 votes Parliament took between November, 2008, and December, 2010."
The only oddity is that the first half of the piece discusses how MP attendance is supposedly kept secret (even though all votes are on television). The above quote is based on data from which many of us bloggers have used in the past. If parliament doesn't publish voting records, do the data collectors at How'd they vote just review all the old CSPAN footage?


  1. What I would like to know is Ignatieff's attendance record. I know he is often away, doing yet ANOTHER tour and THAT would make a great election ad.

  2. Perhaps he likes those complimentary bottles of shampoo and sachets of coffee?

    Air Miles or some loyalty program for staying in Hotels?

    Donolo did advise before taking the job he would put the leader on a bus full time to get to know and energize the base.

    The problem the donations continue to shrink from 2009. 2010 was a disaster compared to 2009.

    Is is possible chasing silly issues and providing no substance on these tours is backfiring?

    Pushing the provincial policies of health and education in Federal politics and tacking hard left may be pushing the blue liberals who have money to keep their wallets closed until the next lamb is given the opportunity at the helm.

  3. Iggy just visiting. Iggy didn't come back for you.


  4. The phones at the G&M probably have been heating up with calls from Liberal headquarters. No doubt Galloway are her co-conspirators are going to be made to answer for this. An article that "reflects poorly" on the Liberal in the G&M - an outrage and outrage I say !

  5. Looks like the Liberals don't need proroguing to miss work. The numbers are even more staggering considering the Liberals only make up about a quarter of all the seats.I Ruby must be working for her constituents over there in India...she brings her Mom with her for consultation, on the Taxpayers dime, no less. Liberals are entitled to their entitlements though.There in that SPECIAL class by themselves.
    Gallaways husband works for the Liberal party. This country is infested with them, behind the scenes.CBC ring a bell?
    Iggy...Just in it for himself.

  6. "... do the data collectors at How'd they vote just review all the old CSPAN footage?"
    They probably slogged through Hansard.

    On the absences of PM Harper ... no mention or allowance is made for the fact that being PM he has to attend a number of state visits, summits, etc.

    IMO, we should adopt the Australian model: take attendance and heavily dock absentees who don't have a legitimate reason for their absence. The only valid reason should be serious illness or official business mandated by Parliament -- with proof.

    That should apply to regular MPs, not to cabinet ministers, though, as their job descriptions entail public appearances not necessarily required of backbenchers.
    -- Gabby in QC

  7. Results are obvious wrt Liberals work ethics which are little to none.
    As for the upcoming budget, how many will be (ill) and/or hide behind the Commons tapestries during the vote?
    This admission by Galloway obviously displays her frustration with the party and the seams are at the bursting point.
    This is the calm before the storm which indicates the demise the inner workings of the LPC are having where a runaway train has left the station.
    Its tough to sell the public a policy or platform when you have none and a clearwater soup with no base is tasteless.
    The obvious is becoming more clear with each passing day and not looking good for the LPC.
    You knew it had to eventually happen and a little more patience will prove this to be the case.
    No where to go but down.
    Mr. Ignatieff - Not a leader.

  8. There might not be a budget. There is an article out today, stating that the Liberals (Scott Brison) is going to do some shinanigans in the HOC, to have us go to an election, BEFORE the budget.Can't have those Conservatives give something to Canadians and make them look good, now can we.To heck with the country.
    Liberals, just in it for themselves.

  9. Her absenteeism record is incredible, and yet it only hurts the people of her riding and not her. Look at her record so far from this website that just came out: WWW.STOPRUBY.CA