Sunday, March 20, 2011

Next Week In Canadian Politics

The next week in Canadian politics should be very interesting, and I'm pleased to be off work on Monday and Tuesday to follow the show. The budget will be coming soon, and the opposition seems fully intent on bringing down the government at their nearest opportunity. I feel like HBO should have a camera crew running around Ottawa for the next 14 days. You could turn that into a mini-series. By the large majority of accounts, an election is going to happen. As Albert Einstein said "you cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war."

I really want to see the budget.


  1. I want to see the budget too.I would read it anyways, even in a parking lot if necessary.

    Maybe CBC will have the Fifth Estate on this like they did when they hounded Brian Mulroney for 20 years.Too bad they didn't hound Chretien and Martin...maybe the sponsorship scandal might have been avoided.

  2. I suggest that the three stooges are going to be in for a very rude awaking, for most Canadians are simply fed up with their lies and manufactured outrage. We need responsible adults running the country instead of the three stooges of the coalition.

  3. Anonymous is correct iceman, cbc ctv etc will make sure that only selective canadians of selective provinces be allowed to hear the 'budget'-the rest of canadians will just have go about business as if nothing has happen- a manipulative act of control they, the media have done while the conservatives are in government.

    The media takes the place of the LPOC when things are not going well for the liberals themselves.

  4. But, the defeat will be on a contempt of Parliament motion. Sleazy people know how to play their sleazy game!