Monday, March 28, 2011

Should Party Leaders Be Elected By Party Members?

Today's poll question; should the leaders of political parties be elected to their position by party membership? Evidently this election is about respect for democracy, an election caused by a political party that didn't even elect their current leader. Ignatieff came to power after a backroom deal with Bob Rae in a mad rush to get rid of Dion as quickly as possible. They could have easily had a leadership convention in Vancouver in early May 2009, instead they turned it into a coronation. Liberal members got to shake Iggy's hand, but not democratically elect their leader. I will respect your right to democratically decide whether leaders should be democratically elected by their membership....

Back when I was pitching ideas for a book about Ignatieff, I did some quick photoshops of rough drafts of possible covers. I'm waiting until he goes back to Harvard before I start propositioning publishers.

Taken at the May 2009 coronation convention.

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  1. Before the convention that led to M. Dion becoming leader, I ran into a friend and local Liberal who was on an 'anybody but Ignatieff' rant. Haven't run into him since; wonder what he's thinking.