Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Liberals Vulnerable To Tories: Andrew Kania

The next election in Brampton West should be interesting. In 2008 Andrew Kania barely won by 231 votes, a 0.4% margin of victory over Tory candidate Kyle Seeback. Andrew is a generally low profile candidate who rarely makes an appearance on the TV news shows. He does not even sit in shadow cabinet, which consists of the top 40 Liberal MPs (that's more than half of their caucus). You'd think Ignatieff would be doing a little more to raise the profile of a Toronto MP who barely won his riding? Maybe Kania is a lost cause for the Liberals, and they have given up on the next election in Brampton West. The Tories should be targeting this riding. I'm sorry, am I allowed to say targeting anymore?


  1. The best election coverage I have found so far:

  2. As a former Liberal, here's a bit of history on Andrew Kania that I know of:

    He was planning to run in 2004 in Brampton Springdale before Martin parachuted Ruby Dhalla in that riding. He supported John Manley for the leadership prior to that event, so I guess there's a reason why that happened.

    You're right that Kania's been a bit of a non-entity in the party. He threw his support behind Dion in 2006, so I guess that's why he finally managed to snag a riding to run. The fact that he ended winning by as little as he did shows that he's a candidate that wins based on the party's success, not his own.