Monday, March 21, 2011

NDP Musings On Budget Eve

The hot new rumour of the day seems to be that the NDP may support the budget amid speculation the Tories are including some items from the NDP wish list. If they decide to vote with the government on the budget, what then would happen to the upcoming confidence vote on ethics-gate? If you listen to Dipper deputy Tomas Mulcair, we gotta go to the polls now. Tommy Boy has even started putting up his campaign signs!

It would be a fascinating juxtaposition to see the NDP support the budget and then take down the government on a trumped up ethics allegation. That's like validating the government on the economy, but saying we need an election because Bev Oda denied funding to Kairos. If the NDP were to vote with the government on both the budget and the ethics complaint, how furious will Pat Martin and Muclair be?

This could get interesting...


  1. It's always the cover up isn't it? You never know how ethics/appearances questions are going to play out in elections but when you work hard to cultivate an image of transparency, you'd better not shoot yourself in the foot after governing for a few years.

    Liberal weakness all but guarantees another Conservative victory but another minority wouldn't surprise me.

  2. Perhaps Martin and Muclair can join the Liberals or Bloc?

    Layton balked in Fall 2009 and may again decide the gains in 2008 are at risk.

    Political self-interest is the largest factor.

  3. I think the coalition fix is in. Its all sound bites by the NDP. They see their only way to be in a Govt. and Iggy knows he's going down otherwise. Canada will have a coalition Govt.with separtists , unless PM Harper wins a majority.Why else would the CBC and media be working so hard for the Liberals with all the faux scandal BS? Canadians arn't stupid and the coalition will pay dearly.

  4. I've always thought a government could only be defeated on a money bill such as a budget, economic update etc.
    Didn't the opposition under Stephen Harper win a non-confidence motion against Paul Martin's government only to have them tell the opposition to pound sand?

  5. We'll need to see if the NDP supports the budget or not. I had a wierd dream, where I was at someone's house for a coffee social (something like what we have after church). The Prime Minister and Jack Layton were there, strangely enough. They were talking, and from the way Layton was shaking his head, they won't support it. If it turns out that they in fact do NOT support it, I'm buying a lottery ticket.

  6. The coalition plan is to put a non-binding motion before the house. This way they think they can have their cake and eat it too! I have commented before that if this is done then immideately after the non-binding motion passes then Harper needs to introduce a motion of CONFIDENCE in the Government. Then lets see the fun!