Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Liberal Ads Coming Soon

The Liberals next volley of attack ads are already made and prepared for release. While the party had maintained that it will hold off on their ad blitz until an election, these latest ads are coming soon to a television near you. Clearly they think an election is imminent, otherwise they would not be able to afford this campaign. The ads confirm their strategy, try to deflect attention away from our fantastic economic recover and paint the words "deceit, abuse, contempt" next to the Prime Minister. Forget what really matters to Canadians and instead replay all those instances where the Liberals cried wolf.

All we need now is an ad predicting that Harper will use the military to invade our cities. I've seen this movie before. It didn't work out so well for Paul Martin and Scott Reid.


  1. The Liberals are toast, an election will result in a Conservative majority, with the NDP gaining some seats at the expense of the Liberals too.

    Like the dinosaurs they are doomed to extinction.

  2. The Liberals have some nerve talking about "contempt" and "abuse" after the fiasco that was supposed to pass for a committee today.

  3. The coalition taking advantage of their power in the committee today is what is abuse of ethics and democracy. The very things they are trying to paint this honest Govt. with. Seems Liberals haven't learned from adscam.They have ads out condeming the Govt. and saying Bev Oda forged documents. This is someone who hasn't been to committee yet.Thats tomorrow.Today the slimey coalition put forward a 2 page motion dis-allowing all the testamony of the Govt. for 2 days in committee. Then they put it in as a separate addition after the 2 page motion for media headlines is submitted.The chair said this has never been done before. Coalition abusing their committee powers. Its sickening, a disgrace and lets go to an election to wipe these maggots out of the government of Canada. The coalition today showed where democracy and ethics would be in Canada with the coalition of liars, games players and fools.

  4. This is our Canada...not those slimy coalition hypocrites

  5. I thought those dorky ads were supposed to be aired today.
    I have had CTV news and CBC on all day,
    haven't seen/heard them.
    Did they buy time on the shopping network or during reruns of Happy Days?

    Tho I have yet to check them out online, because frankly Scarlet, I couldn't give a damn what Liberals have to say.
    4 straight days of McGuinty and Brison in committee,
    I am on overdose with fake outrage and lies from Liberals.
    And am going cold turkey on my addiction to NNW,
    it's a cesspool of Liberal garbage....deleted

  6. Well Wilson....when they are relying on "donations" from supporters to run the ads, perhaps that explains why. Liberals have always had a problem people to actually show their support with money.

  7. Saw the ads, amateur hour for sure.

    Probably the same producer from the Dion ad.

  8. Has iggy given exact costs of all his plans, re arena, child care, and all the rest of it. Can he tell us what his free education will cost in total for the next 30 yrs. Thought he was worried about a deficit. Oh, and don't forget refunding kairos.

  9. Apparently ad were run during a hockey game. Wonder how many went for a beer or to relieve themselves of previous beer.
    I didn't see them don't watch hockey.

  10. I for one would love an election on the economy - these fools inherited the best economic situation in the world and spent like drunks erasing a hard-earned suprlus before the recession hit. They grew the size of government massively and did not take one difficult decision. Any management int he private sector would have been removed already. That this is their so-called "strength" is laughable. That the evidence is also now piled a mile high that these guys are also autocrats, obsessed with secrecy, control, believe they are above the law (including those at the highest levels), and see nothing wrong with spending tens of millions of my tax dollars on partisan ads is icing on the cake. It is a complete embarrassment and one day hopefully the electorate will wake, demand more than talking points, and turf these incompetent idiots out of office.

  11. No name commentor @ 8:41
    be sure to watch CBC At Issue tonight.
    Your coalition of losers has played one too many games, even for CBC journalists.

    'Has iggy given exact costs of all his plans'

    well MaryT, I sure hope Iffy gets Kevin Page to do his financial costing,
    the dude can manage to double costs with one single mathematical costing error.
    (which I expect we will hear more about soon)

  12. I think they'd freak if Sun News said they were moving up their start date by 3 Weeks. They want to get all the damage done without any MSM site to oppose them. Bring it on!!!