Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Election 2011: Full Steam Ahead

It is still unclear when the deciding vote will be in the House of Commons, but everyone agrees on its result. We are going to have a spring election, despite Flaherty unveiling an excellent budget which a substantial reduction of the deficit from "$56 billion" to $30 billion (last year's deficit was $56 billion, right? I'm sure Iggy hasn't been high balling that number). Former Liberal Finance Minister John Manley was on the politics shows today praising the budget. The opposition wanted less deficit reduction and more spending, so at the nearest opportunity they will defeat the government in a vote of no confidence.

For the record the Tories did try to put some spending measures in the budget that came from the NDP wish list, but Jack was not satisfied with the dollar amount. He wants an election because he wants a lot more money for his spending policies. He would likely get all the money he wants as Finance Minister in a Liberal-NDP coalition government.

The deficit will be falling from $56 billion to $30 billion, a reduction of almost half! Granted I don't know that our last deficit actually clocked in at $56 billion, I'm just going off the high-ball number the opposition likes to throw around. It makes the size of the deficit reduction appear larger if you use the same number the Liberals have been recently. Furthermore this budget lays the foundation to all but eliminate the deficit by the end of a Conservative majority term.

The rhetoric is ridiculous. Scott Brison says there is a $40 billion dollar "black hole" in the budget, which supposedly includes $30 billion for fighter jets. Meanwhile, that $30 billion is spread out over 30 years, but Scotty acts like the entire amount is supposed to be coming out of our bank account next year.


  1. I'd like to know who is financing the Liberal candidates that did not pay off their last election debts. TD maybe.

  2. anyone know the rules about unpaid debts as many Liberals are still in arrears?

  3. Liberals still need to pay back the 40 million and leadership debt. Where oh where is Elections Canada when it comes to holding the Liberal Party to account.

  4. The opposition-MSM have been misleading the public on deficit. It was $55.6B actual (09-10), forecast for this year is $ 40.5 B (10-11). 2011-2012 is forecast $29.6 B.

    Plan highlights

    1)NDP feel confident they can hold or gain seats
    2)Coalition deal will result power.
    3)Jack had a caucus revolt if he balked.

    The pre-writ media buy in conjunction with budget, economic action plan publicity won't be over come by the Liberals.

    The CPC feel the Feb-March numbers are too good to pass up and the risk of a meltdown in Europe/Middle East/Asia is a wildcard.

    They do their own internal polling and this might be the best time.

  5. On Power Play, Manley said that in spite of the first round of corporate tax cuts, government corporate tax revenue increased.

    Apparently, expenditures for the jets won't kick in for another 3 years. What's Brison moaning about? It's not even an issue with this budget. Liberal hot air, that's all this is.

    Louise M.

  6. One thing that totally baffles me is that one of Jacko's biggest supporters, the head of the Canadian Labour Congress, urged the Dippers to support the budget.
    Watching the CTV Ottawa News (or is it views?) tonight the cameras caught the co-anchor Carol Ann Meahan) nodding in agreement with the comments from the head of one of the Public Service Unions regarding PS cutbacks.
    Unbiased news reporting??? I think not.
    Bring on Sun News!

  7. "Meanwhile, that $30 billion is spread out over 30 years"

    Please don't perpetuate the Liberal (Kevin Page) lies. The figure is 16 billion spread over 20 years. It's bad enough trying to budget anything over 20 years, 30 years is just silly. If you tried to predict what prices would be today back in 1980 do you think you would have been right?

    Oh, by the way. The latest estimates for this years deficit were 47 billion not 56.

  8. I agree with CanadianSense
    Now's the time.
    Lets roll!

  9. Conservatives in Edmonton are itching to get rid of Linda Duncan. It would be fun to be the volunteer coordinator for the Conservatives in that riding. If enough university students are still in town on election day, Linda might even be within 5% of Ryan Hastman.

  10. Tories off side with voters on spending and priorities. Will be a bad month for PMSH..

    Prentice here we come!

  11. I can't believe the coalition are taking Canadians to an election for no reason except for POWER for themselves.What a terrible time to do this. Everthing thats happening overseas and with the economy doing so well right now. This could hurt it. There will be another election in October when we get rid of McLiar. Wpg. is in a flood. The Royal Wedding is coming up.Its all so dumb. Brison wouldn't know figures in a budget if they fell on his head. This is a well organized plan of their's with the media months ago. I am not fooled.Iggy as Prime Minister....NDP in Govt and ruled by separtists.Prime Minister Harper better get a majority or this country is finished.

    Ontario Girl