Monday, March 14, 2011

Stephen Harper TV Star?

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has filmed a scene for the television show "Murdoch Mysteries" where he plays a police Sergeant. The episode will be aired next month, and I will reserve my judgement of his acting prowess at that time. Do I think he has a career as a TV star after politics? No. I'm not even sure that I like my Prime Minister playing a fictional role on a television series while in office. Brief appearances in shows as the leader are acceptable, like Bill Clinton in Contact. Laureen might very well have talked him into this, but I'm not sure it was a good decision. A little help from my friends at the Arts Centre was a great idea, but you can take the arts angle too far.


  1. Last night on CTV, said this show airs in April, right in the middle of the election.

    In PMSHs interview, he said it aired in July.

    So who is right?

  2. So its ok to appear on CBC (Rick Mercer) but not City TV? Harmless!!! He won't be prancing around naked in the Canadian hinterland. Cheers.

  3. TV show is Murdoch Mysteries he was asked to do a small scene
    apparently his daughter and he watch the show and enjoy the Toronto setting etc.
    he does a small part a couple of lines and the Prime Minister of Canada of that period comes in
    good fun
    I liked it

  4. Never heard of this show,"Murdoch Mysteries",will have to take a look at it.

    Stephen should sport a fake moustache for this role,as he just doesn't have the type of face you equate with a veteran police Sergeant.

    Maybe I watched too many episodes of "Hill Street Blues", "let's be careful out there". ;-)

    I have no problem with this. I find Jack Layton's participation in the annual "pride" parade way more controversial.


  5. If he spent too much time chasing it I would agree. I believe because of his fame he was invited to appear on an episode in a scene.

    This is one of the benefits like having Nickleback jam in your house when they pass through town.

    Our PM is on top of the big issues and managing to keep the coalition is a state of confusion. I am not convinced them playing chicken will result in a spring election.


  6. Oops, TV show called Murdoch Mysteries, and Harper's dialogue is about infighting. Mistake due to late night Google search.

  7. I saw his small part and he was great. He had his hair all greased back and short.He looks exactly like my brother in law. They could be twins. He was very believable in the role.Loved it. So much talent...singing, playing piano...acting. Iggy must be so green.

    I am happy to see the prime Minister get out of nasty ottawa and enjoy life between trying to run parliament, with all those distractions and games from the coalition.....bravo PM harper.

  8. "Meeting celebrities isn't my shtick," he added. "That was the shtick of the previous guy."

  9. Well, we all know that he can act! Now if we could just get him to act like a Prime Minister!

  10. "Meeting celebrities isn't my shtick," he added

    That's why you never say never, because you never know...

    Kim, Iffy called, he wants you back in the school gymnasium to hand out NOT Tshirts....