Sunday, March 6, 2011

Memogate: Everybody Is Doing It

The media and the opposition were very fast to jump on Jason Kenney because one of his staffers sent out a party memo on a government stationary, but after listening to Akin discuss the matter on the Adler Show, quite a few opposition MPs have done the exact same thing. Even NDP MP Linda Duncan who accidentally received the Kenney immigration memo has used her office letterhead to invite people to a partisan event in her riding. I'm sure there are many more instances of opposition members doing similar business in the last decade.

Jason Kenney has admitted that this was an improper use of a government letterhead, hence why the staffer is no longer employed. But this in no way constitutes any major violation that will allegedly erode the foundation of our democracy. Maybe somebody should do an access to information requests to all memos sent out from Ignatieff's office since he undemocratically took control of the official opposition.

According to my own polling, roughly 5% of you think Jason Kenney should resign.


  1. This might be a new plank. The opposition Coalition promises not complain about stupid protocol issues about itself if elected.

  2. Resign? Absolutely not! The minister has been honest and has dealt appropriately with the issue. I suggest that the 'honourable opposition' take a look in the mirror, but then they are frantically scraping the bottom of the pit trying to find some mud to sling.

  3. The problem is - the media will not report on the liberals who are doing the same thing. It was tabled in Question Period last Friday by John Baird - the very same thing being done by the liberals in Charlottetown, and it has never been mentioned by the liberal media. I can't wait for Quebecor to come on board and expose some of this one sided BS.....

  4. This radio guy exposed the liberal opportunists