Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Justin The Barbarian

Today's poll question; is barbaric a good word to use to describe honour killings? Justin Trudeau doesn't seem to think so, in fact he thinks that description is tantamount to cultural discrimination. A practice where family members murder female family members because they have allegedly shamed the family for things like getting raped and wanting a divorce is absolutely barbaric. New Canadians coming from countries where this is acceptable need to see the strongest possible language to make sure they understand that is criminal in this country. I'm not sure who exactly Justin expected to win over by making these statements, but it was clearly ill advised.

All those people who want us to tone down our condemnation of honour killings must have been applauding today...


  1. In the multiculturalism world I wonder how they justify cultural changes.
    If all cultures are equal them how do we relate to them if they change?
    If I was from the planet Gargleflax and our culture was to change suddenly from sticking large cucumbers up our son's noses to merely waving them about in a menacing way, would that count as an advance or just reset the cultural clock?
    "Oh, they are so much more advanced now that they just wave the cucumbers around, instead of inserting them in their son's noses."

    They have advanced and yet we are still equal.

    By the way, they asked me when my son was born if I wanted to take his foreskin.
    I said that's his decision when he gets there.
    Not mine.

  2. Turdeau is a spoiled, uselss little weasel who thinks simply because he was born rich that he has the right to authority.

    Barbarian/unacceptable - who cares?
    I didn't vote. I'm not undecided. I just don't give a shit.

    "Dance..." ? _ Really? Keep news about your son's dick to yourself ok?

  3. I'd run a different poll. Which nametag best applies to Justin Trudeau?

    1. Moron
    2. Idiot
    3. Aroogant self-entitled puke.
    4. All of the above.

  4. Justin Trudeau counts Castro as one of his "heroes". Are his comments really of any surprise? This elitists aristocratic brat would be nowhere without his last name.

  5. Hey Anonymous,
    Female genital mutilation is barbaric and so is male genital mutilation.
    And it seems that it's not okay to slice bits off our daughters but it's quite alright to slice bits off our sons.

    I suspect you don't have a son of your own and haven't had to make that decision.
    They come to you, in the hospital, and ask you after your son is born if you would like them to have at it.
    My response was no fucking way.

    Let's look at it this way.
    On the one hand you've got a group of people who like to cut up their daughters privates with jagged bits of glass who also want to kill all the people who cut up their sons privates with ceremonial religious tools.
    Now because one group is barbaric and we've been told we have to choose sides then anything the other group does is okay.

    I don't fucking think so.

    And if you don't agree with me you're a culturally unacceptable racist homophobe.

  6. Was Margaret doing drugs while pregnant with Justin?