Friday, March 25, 2011

No Royal Wedding For Harper

The word on the street is that if we are indeed officially in an election campaign in the next few days, the Prime Minister will be declining his invitation to the royal wedding of William and Kate. Some had thought it would be a nice photo-op in the middle of a campaign, but somehow I suspect that the PM would be attacked by the left if he took a break from campaigning to attend the wedding. It would certainly be used against him, so cancelling the trip in an election is probably the most pragmatic move.

That's too bad. I thought it was cool that Harper got an invitation but Obama did not.


  1. I say the country holds a lottery (based on the electoral role) and all citizens over 18 registered to vote get a chance to win the now rejected invitations. Pending a background check of course.

  2. Iggy probably thinks that he will be attending the wedding if he wins (which he won't).

  3. I think Stephen's mom and daughter should represent the Laureen and Stephen Harper.

  4. Disagree. Harper is still our PM until a new one is elected. The commitment has been made and he should attend as he has indicated.

    The word on the street means nothing. It is just that (rumor) and should be disregarded.

    Diplomatic protocol intrudes.