Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Liberals Don't Want You To See The Budget

This evening on the CTV news ticker there was a blurb that Jim Flaherty's March 22nd budget could include a substantial reduction of the deficit, which explains why the Liberals are going to such great lengths to overthrow the government before the budget can be read into record. Now it is all starting to make sense, why Peter Milliken helped his party by speeding up both his contempt decisions allowing the opposition a window to take down the government before budget day. Sure the opposition could just vote against the budget, but then the make the election about the economy, which is the Tories greatest strength. Voting down a budget that slashes the deficit is also bad optics.

Liberals, why not wait until the budget to vote no confidence? What are you afraid of?


  1. Exactly correct, there is no other reason.
    RIP opposition, this is going to come back to bite you in end.
    As well, the opposition should clearly explain to Canadians why they caused an expensive election - for no reason other then to gain power.

    E Mac

  2. If there's an election Flaherty is still the finance minister.

    Go on TV and present the budget anyway.

  3. The pollsters agree on major issues the opposition is weak. It would be a mistake to challenge the government on the handling of the economy. The opposition spent two years crying the largest deficit and that is starting to quickly evaporate as stimulus winds down and our exports feed the BRIC & US markets.

    This century belongs to Canada. We simply need to keep the left out of our wallets and governments to lead again.

  4. Didn't Milliken tell the opposition that he would not entertain the idea of a non-confidence motion over either of his rulings? Either way, go now or go later, the Libs do not have a leg to stand on once this thing gets going. If they think that either of these issues, or any of thier "Scandals of the day", resonate with the Canadian public, they are sadly mistaken.

  5. No, I doubt that the Liberals want anyone to see the budget, but can you blame them? They are going to do everything to save the furniture, but one piece is going to be left in the fire to burn - Ignatieff. Either way - go now and it is good news for the Liberal party but bad for Ignatieff.....go later on the pretext of the budget and it is bad news for the Liberal party, but worse news for Ignatieff.

    Cory is absolutley correct. If an election is called before the budget, Flaherty should go on TV and show everyone what they'd be missing from tis budget; then demand that the Liberals justify why they didn't want the voters to have this budget. Slam dunk.

  6. If the Liberals want to talk ethics, why not pre-empt the House proceedings on March 21st by seeking unanimous consent to introduce a resolution/legislation to turf Raymond Lavigne from the Senate. Now there is an example of the "sense of entitlement" that the average Canadian can understand - cheating taxpayers for his own personal gain.

  7. Ravishing Ray the Liberals man - Entitled to more than his entitlements.
    Cancel his pension as well - shameful example of a Liberal politician.
    Where are you now Soloman, Rosey, Jane, Fife, Oliver and the rest of the sorry lot?
    Hunkering down and covering butt.

  8. Opps bringing down govt day before the budget?
    Very bad optics, lose lose game for them.

    These 2 Speaker rulings, after Canadians hear the govt side in committee,
    will look like Opps cheap trick entrapment.

    The Afghan detainee docs will be released before the budget too.
    Do the Opps really think that Canadians want to see their govt/military/troops charged with being complicite in war crimes?

  9. I hope their Kangaroo court committee isn't like the Election Canada one where Liberal Paul Szabo disallowed 12 witnesses to appear because they would of been questioned on their own In & Out. Liberal ethics and democracy.