Friday, March 11, 2011

Michael Chong For Canada's Next Speaker Of The House

Top Can deserves the credit for this suggestion, but I second his nomination for Michael Chong to be our next Speaker of the House. After the next election, we need a Tory Speaker. Peter Milliken will not be running again in the next election, as he delivered a nice parting gift to his Liberal Party in the form of two hurried contempt motions. Chong should even campaign in the next election that if re-elected, he will be running for Speaker of the House. I encourage you all to strongly support Michael Chong in the next election in Wellington-Halton Hills, and to make a donation. His riding has Guelph surrounded...


  1. He would be an excellent speaker except that I'm not sure if he is fluently bilingual.

  2. Then have him take some French classes. His French can't be worse than Stephane Dion's English, and he campaigned to be Prime Minister.

  3. Funny how libertarians are really nothing but fronts for corporatists.

  4. I agree with Michael Chong as the next Speaker of the House. I can't stand Milliken. He's been the most ineffectual Speaker that I've ever seen.

    What about Chuck Strahl? I always thought he'd be an interesting choice for Speaker. Baird would give the opposition fits!

  5. Then, CanadianKimchi, I nominate Baird, but seriously, Michael Chong would be great as a speaker. Certainly better than Milikin.

  6. That is why they have a translator. I get an e-mail daily telling me I can learn any language in six weeks if I just buy said video. Buy him one of those videos.
    Time to throw out that must speak french, when so many of the bloc don't speak good english.

  7. Parliament is broken, committees are broken.

    MPs Fletcher and Chong, hopefully are working on making Parliament work, holding the government to account,
    in a minority AND majority government.

    No wonder Canadians just shake their heads.
    The majority, be it in govt or like now the opposition, abuse our system, procedurally and in committee.
    Not that there isn't stupid game playing on both sides.

    I expect my party, this government, to do better. and do better now.

  8. Michael Chong is a highly regarded parliamentarian who could no doubt count on support across party lines which begs the question of why the Cabinet and PMO would support his candidacy. it's an excellent suggestion though.

  9. Thanks for seconding my suggestion!