Sunday, March 13, 2011

Liberals Vulnerable To Tories: Wayne Easter

The next election in Malpeque, PEI should be interesting. Wayne Easter has held the seat since 1993 with several overwhelming victories, but in 2008 he won by less than 5%. This riding was mostly PC from 1968-1988, but has been Liberal since Mulroney's second term. The Conservative Party stands poised to make big gains in Atlantic Canada, and have an excellent candidate in Tim Ogilvie to fight Wayne Easter.

Wayne has gained partisan notoriety in the past few years for breaking some controversies which turned out not to be nearly as perilous as he proclaimed. The worst was allegations that Helena Guergis "assaulted" airport security personnel. Even Mansbridge said that it wasn't all that bad when he got a chance to see the video.


  1. All I can think of are door knobs.

  2. P.E.I.’s MPs racked up more than $1.7 million in expenses last year according to the most recent report from the Board of Internal Economy.

    The report outlines expenditures from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 and although it summarizes the different areas where money was spent, it doesn’t break it down into individual purchases or expenses.

    Malpeque MP Wayne Easter spent the most with $494,908.54 going to employee salaries, travel, hospitality and events, advertising, printing and office expenses.

    Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay was close behind at $474,838.95, followed by Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy at $411,134.29 and Egmont MP Gail Shea at $360,081.55.

  3. Another turncoat on the gun registry. I thought Wayne was a farmer? I guess he is a Liberal first, farmer second.

  4. NO = Doorknob first - farmer second.

  5. door knob

    Easter flip flopped on the LGR,
    but he still stands against Western grain farmers.
    Easy to do when your own farmers are not restricted to sell their own grain, and face jail time.

    Ralph Goodale tossed Western grain farmers in jail, one farmer was charged for feeding grain to their 4H calf

    stop the gun registy
    stop the CWB monopoly
    vote out Wayne Easter

    heh, where is that alternative to the gun registry legislation that the Dippers was supposed to table?

  6. If the Liberals need a better candidate than Easter they should nominate a houseplant.

  7. Wayne Easter is one of the few MPs that stick up for the little guy. He is, in fact, supporting farmers and unless you break down the costs, you have no idea what that money is spent on...the dollar figure means nothing unless it is tied to waste. Traveling and representing us comes with the job. There are a lot of MPs who sit on their ass and do nothing...I'm sure they're not costing us much money, but they're costing us in other ways.