Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dippers Vulnerable To Tories: Linda Duncan

The next election in Edmonton-Strathcona should be interesting, as Linda Duncan returns to where she barely defeated Rahim Jaffer by less than 1% in 2008. Where Rahim was a fading star preparing to collapse into a black hole, Linda is going to have to face Ryan Hastman in the next round. I don't know much about Hastman, other than he looks about 18 years old and is a small business owner. The youth movement continues. The Liberals are unlikely to make any significant effort to win this riding. They have no chance of winning, so it benefits their coalition chances to elect a Dipper in Edmonton.


  1. UofA should be out of session if an election is called for May. that will put a damper on the NDP and level the playing field.

  2. becareful though that rahiem jaffers does not try to sabatoge the conserative candidate. Because of the way the conservatives went after him in committee.