Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Delaying Opposition Day

Rest assured that the federal budget will be released as scheduled next Tuesday, and the Liberals will not have an opportunity to introduce a non-confidence motion on Monday. The Tories have delayed the opposition day by one week, which I'm sure will draw the ire of the Liberals who would rather you don't see the budget. They are free to vote no on the budget and trigger an election if that's their prerogative, but there won't be a contempt of Parliament defeat before the budget is voted on. Great, I'd really like to see what's in the budget before I decide if we should have an election.

I'll admit that I did not like when Paul Martin delayed Conservative opposition days after the roof collapsed in the Gomery Inquiry, but Paulie delayed them for several months, not one week. I would like to see the budget before the next opposition day, and we won't have to wait very long. This was a great move.


  1. Whether the opposition likes it or not, the budget should be released for the Canadian people to see.
    An election caused by the Libs over nothing in particular will be seen for what it is, blatantly unnecessary! A 350 million dollar exit strategy for Count Ignaseous.

  2. The Fibs can go pound sand.

    If they really want Iffy gone it would be far better for the taxpayers if the Liberals just changed their stupid parties constitution so that they could dump a leader without having an election.

  3. I wonder how many backbench liberals asked the Conservatives to move the opposition day. Its obvious to me that the liberal leadership needs adult supervision.

    Memo to Mikey I: You don't need an election if you need and excuse to quit a liberal leader. Its Wednesday is reason enough.

  4. Moving the Opposition day is just sooooo barbaric!!! ;-))

    There I said it before Wayne Easter could.