Friday, March 18, 2011

"Harper's Canada"

Today's poll question; do you feel that Stephen Harper's Canada is your Canada? That is evidently going to be a major Liberal campaign slogan in the next election, so I'll ask you what you think. Personally as an economist who closely follows the global economy and I am a big fan of Stephen Harper's Canada. So is CBC financial expert Kevin O'Leary. There is no other country in the world where I'd rather live than Stephen Harper's Canada. He has been a very effective Prime Minister, despite running a minority government in a dysfunctional parliament with a hostile media. He's doing a great job.


  1. No, Harper's Canada is not my Canada. But in time, it could be. A majority Conservative Government would move it in that direction. Most of my life has been under Liberal Governments and so it will take quite a long time to undo the damage done by Trudeau, Chretien and Martin.

  2. Wait until they start campaigning and bringing this up. Basically the Liberals will be asking Canadians if they want to live in a Canada that has the best performing economy in the G8.

  3. As long as Paybec is kissed up to by all the federal parties, plus the fiberals official bilingualism, no this is not my Canada or the one that some of my family fought and died for during World WarII

  4. Most definetly Iceman, under this conservative government we have accomplished what the Liberals/coalition/media can ever do.

    During the liberals thirteen years in government they raised Taxes, raised the EI premiun rates, cut funding to provinces, HC, military, education and so on; all the while the canadian economy was at a boom.

    PMHarper when during the world crises did the reverse, he lowered taxes is attending to the neglect military, giving back money to provinces etc. His deficit was at 56B now it is reduced to 38B. He has never made derogatory comments about our country while visiting overseas, Instead, he spoke highly of our canada and the wonders she has to offer.
    When Ignatieff was asked about the recession and if he plans to help the PM on the issues relating to the recession, Ignatieff flat out told the reporter "I have no intentions of carrying Harper's deficit on my shoulders." Then he walked away. SCREW the canadian public is the impression I got from Ignatieff.

    A liberal told the poor "I feel your pain" yet not one single dime from the Liberal vault ever to that poor nor have any intentions of doing so.

    I want to wake up in the morniing knowing that the Canadian flag is still my flag and not some Hezbollah own and the PM STEPHEN HARPER and FLAGERTY at the helm. For this very reason among others is why businesses are flocking into canada. Not only that, some countries are now realizing that getting oil from the Oilsands is safer in security than from the Middle East.

  5. The question raises the issue that the opposite of an affirmative answer can only be yet more of a Liberal/NDP/Iggy Canada. To force people to choose between the two, Harper's Canada wins hands down. I suggest therefore that this will backfire on the Liberals.

  6. If I might be allowed to rephrase that response. PM Harper's vision for Canada more closely coincides with my own vision for Canada than any PM in my life time.

  7. Harper's Canada is closer to my Canada than what I had a decade go.

    But there is still far too many nanny-statism, political correctness, and and immmigration policy that will be the ruin of this country in the long run.

  8. Harpers Canada is not my Canada. He has move much to the left of where he started when he helped get the Reform moving. From what he says now I cannot foresee any return to the right. He seems to be more of an old style liberal and I want a conservative government that promotes and presents options that lead to smaller government and less intrusion into our lives.

  9. Let me quote from an article in the Nat Post today:

    "... had program spending been limited to the combined rates of inflation and population growth (2.7%)since Paul Martin's first budget of 2003-2004, Ottawa would now enjoy a surplus of $25 billion."

    That would have been my Canada.

    Harper's Canada is the failed promise of the Reform party, apparently what we have to settle for as the lesser evil.

  10. well bob you must want the coalition then.Your in the wrong room with your day dreams of past governments,may John A McDonald could help you Or Diefenbaker.

  11. And Mikhael,at least the money was spent in Canada on Canadians and not just corrupt Liberals.I,ll take honesty over corrupt anyday.So quote all you want,Harper is a breath of fresh air that Canada needed,not some scum from the Liberal party.Quit your bitching about deficits ,it saved hundreds of thousands of jobs.What did your LIBERAL BROWN ENVELOPES save Mikhael.

  12. Jen, sorry to correct your talking points with facts, but the largest tax cut in history was under Liberals - you know, those guys who reduced government spending and turned a massive deficit into a huge surplus?

    NO, Harper's Canada is not my Canada. My Canada has a balanced budget with surplus going to debt reduction, tax cuts and a reserve in case of unexpected global economic circumstance (not asking my kids to pay fopr today's vote buying tax cut), my Canada is a player in the world for more than just domestic political purposes (ideally with a leader that had traveled even once outside the country before reaching high office), my Canada is led by people of experience and integrity (Pete Poilievre is Harper's P Sec - say no more), has a government that believes information and facts are to be embraced and learned from to guide sound and informed policy making rather than hidden and ignored because they don't fit your bias, in my Canada those who speak truth to power are rewarded and not punished, those who achieve highly are rewarded and not mocked (since when is going to Harvard or Princeton a bad thing?).... I could go on and on, but suffice to say that my Canada is certainly not the same as the narrow, bitter, angry, harsh and poorly managed one that the current backroom hack of a PM appears to believe in.

    Oh, and "Bertie" who needs brown envelopes when you just spend tens of millions of MY tax dollars on partisan ads flooding the airwaves? Outright theft.

  13. Bertie, you're a pathetic closed minded partisan hack who cares more for power than for Canada. People like you are a greater threat to the future of the CPC than any Liberal.

    I hope that other CPC members, even if they don't agree with opinions stated by fellow conservatives, don't resort to such childish discussion.

    Last time I checked, most conservatives believed the governments don't "save", or create, jobs as efficiently with tax dollars as do the same dollars left in the hands of the citizenery.

    So you can take your "LIBERAL CASH ENVELOPES" and shove them up your....

  14. Well Iceman, reading your blog posts, which I fairly frequently do, I know you are pretty partisan.

    But the other stuff... I wouldn't say so. I remember your disappointment about Harper's anti-libertarian speech a couple of years back, and I think that there's a lot I agree with there.

    Remember your 3 points:

    There are a lot of us who vote conservative because:

    1) we want to pay the lowest amount of taxes possible

    2) we despise wasteful spending of said tax dollars

    3) we don't want the government to tell us what to do

    I agree with every one, and they among my core principles in politics.

    So we have plenty we can discuss civilly.

    I was offended by the tone of Bertie's replies, not the fact that he or she disagreed with me.

    All I am saying is that the CPC is has a long way to go before it's "perfect", and that it has strayed from its roots in a way that many supporters, like me, are unhappy about. And I can't excuse it all on the basis of "pragmatism".

    Rejecting that truth, or excusing it, will in the medium to long run lead to erosion of support from the people who were responsible for its rise in the first place, the hard core supporters who get out and do grunt work during elections, who donate, and who argue for conservatism in online forums, discussions with friends and family.

    That does not mean I am not a member (I am), I don't donate (I do), or don't support it on online forums and in political discussions anywhere I have them (many times a day). But my heart is not in it the way it was in 2008, and I have heard the same from many others.

    Why has Canada' government bureaucracy grown more in the last 5 years under Harper than under the Liberals in the few years before that? How can any conservative excuse that?

    Especially on fiscal matters, Mr Harper needs to stop taking the base for granted as he drifts further and further to the left.


  15. @ Bertie. PM Harpers march to the left is nothing less than a slower slide to socialism than under the Libs or even faster under the NDP. Socialism has never worked any where any time and it will not work under Harper or any other conservative in name only party. We need a smaller government that does not intrude into our lives and far less taxes than we currently pay. If that takes the reincarnation of John A or Dief so be it. What we have does not work. Canada is not in as good a position as it is because of our government but in spite of it.