Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Do You Trust?

Today's poll question; which Canadian federal leader do you trust the most? Evidently some people think that the Prime Minister is now vulnerable on the issue of trust, though when compared to Ignatieff he does very well. Many Conservatives feel there are areas where the Harper Government can improve, but they still like him a whole lot better than the alternative. The opposition has been trying to wear the government down with overblown controversy after overblown controversy. If any low level staffer uses the wrong letterhead or makes a procedural mistake, it suddenly becomes headline news on the CBC.

The question is, how much of an effect will this have on the electorate. We will find out soon enough.


  1. I am on the record in 2008 as saying Harper should step down rather than stay on as CPC leader, and going into the 2011 election I see no reason to change that view. He has turned out to be as self-centred and vicious as Paul Martin — and provides governance of similar ill quality (talk right, govern left).

    Frankly, I'd trust Jack Layton with the keys to 24 Sussex more these days. He'd be so worried about screwing up the NDP's first tour of duty that we'd get an end to the expansion of the state, and a cap on spending, out of necessity. And, as a long time Tory & small c-conservative (and no, they're not the same thing, despite the media's headline writers), that's saying something.

    I am sick to death of the lot of these poseurs, wish them all ill, and hope all of them get bounced out on their ear — in their ridings, then by their parties. Enough, already!

  2. Bruce, you are on serious drugs if you think, even for one minute, that if Jack Layton ever got his hand on the government credit card he'd exercise restraint.
    Truly a Winning The Future moment.

  3. I am personally pretty nervous given what I've seen with the media over the last few years. I just don't trust CTV or CBC anymore. I've never tried watching Global so I don't know how bias or unbiased in any direction they are. And even if SUN TV were here that wouldn't change the fact that most Canadians watch the CBC or CTV.

    So this election will be about how well the Conservatives can promote a message that is impervious to CBC and CTV spin.

  4. Times have changed. The Internet is a powerful tool along with Talk Radio. One of the areas that the Conservative party could improve is with university students and high school students that can vote. That helped Obummer in America.

    Conservative Party Canada — Majority!

  5. Jack Layton,the anti-capitalist in charge of Canada!

    I will support the Conservatives and hope to hell they get a majority this time. Canadians were willing to give a Liberal pirate,Jean Chretien,a majority three times,and some people say we can't trust Harper with ONE majority!!


    Let's give 'em a majority,and if they fuck it up too badly, next time 'round vote for the New Liberal Party, which will then be under the rule of the next Messiah,Justin Trudeau.

    This Country's in pretty good shape compared to ALL the others, let's stay with the government who brought us here.


  6. is possible that iggy goes the GG as well to say they will form government with the coalition, I just can't believe they are this stupid to think they have a chance to govern through an election

  7. Great Start – Ignatieff gets kick in the teeth – well deserved

    Matt Gurney: Ontario Liberals back corporate tax cuts, privatization and prisons

  8. Both the Bloc and NDP arent options for me as ive lived under both parties.Ive lived through the Rae days in the 90's.And going farther back in Quebec , i was there when the Bloc rose to power and Bill 101.
    Its hilarious to watch opposition parties expect "PERFECTION" from the Conservative govt.After what we Canadians just went through with the previous Liberal govt?HAHAHAHAAHA!
    Another point id like to make is that Canada consists of more than Quebec and Ontario so those two provinces need to get over themselves.Ive lived in both.