Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Vulnerable To Tories: Ruby Dhalla

The next election campaign in Brampton-Springdale should be interesting. Ruby was first elected in the 2004 election as one of Paul Martin's star candidates. She won in 2004 by 22%. She won in 2006 by 16%. She won in 2008 by less than 2%. Do you notice a pattern? In May of 2009 the Toronto Star broke a story that Ruby had illegally hired and mistreated two different nannies hired to care for her mother, and has not had to fight an election since nanny-gate. Moreover, several members of her I-Ruby team have been defecting to the Tory candidate in the riding.

For information more on Conservative candidate Parm Gill, visit his website.

Major Setback for Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla’s Campaign
January 19, 2011

Brampton-Springdale MP Liberal Ruby Dhalla’s campaign suffered a major setback yesterday when several of her core team members crossed the floor to join Conservative candidate Parm Gill’s growing camp of dedicated and loyal supporters.

The Vice President of the Brampton-Springdale Federal Liberal Riding Association, Mr. Joginder Shahi, was among the numerous names to desert Ruby’s crumbling campaign.

Along with the influential Mr. Shahi - Bachittar Golia, Jaspal Mann, Billa Virk, Sunny Bajwa, and Bhupinder Deol made the decision to join Parm’s campaign team as well. These individuals were considered the core team behind Ruby Dhalla. They now bring much experience and wisdom to the Parm Gill campaign.

The consensus among those who have left Liberal Dhalla for Conservative Gill is that she has not lived up to the expectations and that she has failed to represent their needs in way that was promised to them. Furthermore, Mr. Shahi stated that they were disappointed with the structure of Ruby’s campaign – feeling it was not addressing the needs of their community.

"Like many immigrants, I have come to realize that the Liberals like Ruby Dhalla are all talk and no action when it comes to getting things done for Canada’s ethnocultural communities," said Mr. Shahi. "The Conservatives exemplify the entrepreneurial and family values of New Canadians. Most importantly, they've delivered and have not taken us for granted like Ruby Dhalla and the Liberal Party.”

The core team that once embodied Ruby Dhalla’s campaign now supports Parm Gill, stating that he is the right individual to represent their community and Brampton. They now stand behind Parm in the next election – forced to cross the floor because of the false promises, community mistreatment and overall failure of Ruby Dhalla to represent her constituents.

"Based on the core values and results delivered by the Conservative Party of Canada, the party has been growing," said Parm Gill. "Accomplished people like Mr.Shahi, his friends and all Canadians have a home and a future in the Conservative Party."

Over the last years, Parm Gill has tirelessly worked for the needs of the people of Brampton-Springdale – working to provide a safer, more prosperous place to live. More and more people have begun to recognize his work ethic and drive to create a better community for our citizens and their families, evidenced by the growing support for Parm, his values, his initiatives and the Conservative Party of Canada.


  1. When the newspapers reported that she was 3rd on the list of MP's with poor attendance records, and now before their election plans for a Coalition takeover, we see her NOW showing up. An MP of convenience. She spends more time in India travelling with her mother on our dime then in her own riding. Its all about the big paycheque for her.I hope her voters see the good work Jason kenny is doing for them...thats why the Liberals are trying to smear him as the next person on their hit list.She is nothing more then the gift of gab, but saying nothing. She actually misrepresented facts on Bev oda on PP last night. No correction though, of course.

  2. Vancouver South:
    2004 -- Dosanjh wins by margin of 19%
    2006 -- Dosanjh wins by margin of 21%
    2008 -- Dosanjh scrapes by with margin of 0.05%

    Help to retire this NDP-Liberal opportunist:

  3. How about Larry Bagnell in Yukon?? I can't see his vote to keep the gun registry very popular there.

  4. I can not believe how people in this riding would not elect Parm Gill. He is a very credible candidate, and I actually donated to his campaign (from a distance)after the IRuby affair.

  5. Oh yes, anon, retiring Dosanjh would be GREAT!!!!!