Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Elizabeth May Denied

The leader of the Green Party has been excluded from the televised leaders debates, and I have to say I'm quite delighted. Do you think the the Green Party should be included? That is today's poll question. The debates were far too diluted in 2008, and while they're at it Gilles Duceppe should not be in the English debates. This is not an abhorrent denial of democracy, but rather good television. Personally I'd like to see Ignatieff and Harper have more one on one debates. Make it 4 Debates, the NDP gets 2 and the Bloc gets 1. We need at least two one on one dust ups with Liberals and Conservatives, because they are the only parties who ever win.

I will allow you to democratically decide if you think Lizzy should be in the debates.


  1. http://demanddemocraticdebates.ca/petition.phpSure didn't take her long to start the petition. I predict that they will let her in just to shut her up. If anyone starts a petition to keep her out, I will sign it!!

  2. Until Ms. May and her party win a seat, they should not be included - the Greens will be well represented by the Coalition partners. Wasn't she all for the power grab in the last election? Didn't she grasp the Coalition bandwagon for the vague promise of a Senate seat? cheers

  3. http://hincheysstore.blogspot.com/2011/03/best-headline-since-campaign-began.html

    Just shilling my post on your similar post. I like how we are still on the same page, even after I dropped off the face of the planet for 2 months. Glover and May. Two relevant topics today.

    Have a great night Ice!

  4. I think her 15 minutes are up.

  5. Elizabeth Mao was only in the debates during the last election to shield that nit-wit from France Dijon. The media will change their mind on this exclusion of Elizabeth Mao too, but not before they do what they did last time by trying to isolate PM Harper. I'll believe Lizzie Mao isn't in the media debates when the debates are over and she wasn't in them, until then, I don't believe a word the media have to say on anything political.

  6. I think that she has more of a right to be there then Duceppe. Agree that her inclusion without a seat in the House is a little iffy, but then again there is certainly reason enough to include her in the English debates if Duceppe is included. For goodness sake, Duceppe isn't even running a national party. I think he's funny as hell though and witty to boot. I enjoy him for the comedic value.

    And Iceman, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I agree that more one-on-one debates should be held. However, this allows more coverage for the ex-PM then the others. They are all equal in a campaign, so why are we giving one more attention then the other. Hardly equal, though I don't expect you to be at all a fan of equality.

  7. I'm sure the television producers in the consortium saw the Munk debates and don't want to showcase that Courtney Love train wreck on nationwide TV during an election debate for the sake of their own reputations.

    If the Green party wants a spot they should get civil leader. One who practices civility.
    And a seat.

    And, as far as these all-leaders debates go, I'm sure nobody ever went to a heavyweight fight for the undercard.
    1984 was the first election I could vote and I watched the fight between Mulroney and Turner with same interest that some people reserve for the playoffs.
    After the rematch in 1988, I didn't think I'd have to wait almost twenty five years to see another one so compelling.
    The last leaders debate was like watching Donald Trump on the View.

    Yeah, I know, casting the PM as Trump ain't the best thing, but it makes me laugh to think of the rest of them around that table.
    Mainly, because I think they could pull it off.

  8. (stephen p said)

    The Coalition should nominate their leader to debate Prime Minister Harper one on one.

    I would guess the Liberals will insist that Jack Layton be the coalition representative.

    Note to ProgressCanada and others - Mr. Harper remains the Prime Minister of Canada and the head of Government until such time as he resigns the post either a few hours before a new governemnt is sworn in following an election or when he decides to step down while the Conservatives remain the party of government.

    The non-confidence vote last week did not result in him being "fired". Merely it precipitated a visit to the GG to suggest that, as Prime Minister and Her Majesty's principal advisor, an election be held. The GG accepted the advice his Prime Minister and Mr. Harper remains in that post until circumstances change as per the above.

    The GG could have elected to reject Mr. Harper's advice, requested his resignstion as Prime Minister and approach the opposition to see if they were willing to form a government.

    By choosing to follow Mr. Harper's advice, Her Majesty's representative confirmed that Mr. Harper remains Prime Minister through the next six weeks and possibly beyond depending upon the election result.

    btw, a Prime Minister is not appointed by Parliament. Under our constitutional monarchy the Prime Minister is appointed by Her Majesty through the GG and serves as the principal advisor to Her Majesty. The House of Commons can determine it has lost confidence in the Governemnt (not the Prime Minister) and this is what actually took place last week.

  9. If you allow Elizabeth May to be in the debates, might as well add the Marxist Leninist, and the Communists, and every other fringe party out there.


  10. No, no, a thousand times NO!

  11. Dont worry, she'll get in. The NDP have already folded, Libs will too as will Duceppe, Mr Harper will have no choice and presto chango..shes in.
    And once again we'll have an unwatchable debate with a bunch of yelling and pointing fingers and people talking over each other.

  12. The last debate format sucked.


  13. I for one was very happy when I saw that she would not be included and then I watched cpac last night when the parties started to fold. I am reminded that when this election was called, Lizzie May came out and stated that she would run a clean campaign and not go negative and then promptly went negative against Harper. I hope Lund does well and wins his riding and we hear the last of this person.

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  15. I think we should have 2 debates...one between the 2 main opposing parties re liberals and conservatives and a second debate amongst the fringe parties who will never form a government...NDP, Block, Green, Marijuana and whatever others are running...just a thought.

  16. I'll echo what some others have said and say until she has a seat in Commons no! Though I do agree she has more of a right than Duceppe. Duceppe should not be included in the English debates unless I see the Bloc on my ballot. Lizzie May added nothing of substance to the 2008 debates, basically a parrot for Dion, and she'll probably be Ignatieff's parrot this time around too.