Saturday, March 19, 2011

Run Bernard Run!

Rumour has it that former New Brunswick Conservative Premier Bernard Lord is considering taking a run Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe, where Liberal MP Brian Murphy won by just over 3% in 2008. The riding is very vulnerable for the Liberals, who have to be concerned about the recent rightward shift in Atlantic Canada. Bernard Lord is an excellent candidate and would make a valuable addition to the Conservative Government of Canada.

No commitment has been made as of yet, and perhaps April 2011 is a little too soon for Bernard to resume his political career. He has been long rumoured as a possible replacement for Stephen Harper when the Prime Minister decides to retire, and I would like to see him put in some service in Ottawa before that day comes. This Blogging Tory would like to formally request that Bernard Lord run for the Tories in the next election, whenever that election is. Please Bernard?


  1. I wouldn't want Lord to be leader of the CPC but I do think he would make a great MP and should easily win the seat.

  2. I definitely hope he runs. I like his communication style. We are in need to talent like him the Cabinet.