Saturday, March 5, 2011

Memogate; Should Kenney Resign?

Oh me oh my, we have another memo making headlines leading to calls from opposition members for Jason Kenney to resign. One of his staffers sent out a memo regarding party business on a piece of paper with a government letter head. Today's poll question; should Jason Kenney resign? The probability of a mob of angry hooligans showing up on parliament hill to protest Jason Kenny remains unlikely even as we have a brand new controversy to distract attention away from Odagate and In and Outgate.

Even Don Martin tried a cheap South Park joke on Power Play, though he did not do the full "oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastards!" Nice to see that South Park has a place in Martin's vernacular. Memogate is just another minor procedural error by a staff member. It is insane the degree to which the left are going bananas over the smallest and asinine procedural matters. Nobody is going to care about this story!

That's really all I have to say about Memogate.


  1. What else to you expect from the media and the opposition parties?

    An adult conversation, real debate or policy differences?

    The Liberal party is dead. They morphed into a NDP-lite with Ignatieff pushing his struggles living pay cheque to pay cheque.

    You can't make this stuff up. The left have lost the will to fight for the big issues.

  2. The public is tired of the faux scandals that started 5 years ago with cold hearted PMSH shaking hands with his son and sending him off to school. Then it escalated with Wafergate, the Church Communion wafer and then the proroguing which Librano$ had done a 100 times and then the “short form” census. You’d have thought a short form was a WMD according to the Librano$ and their MSM appendage.

    What we are not getting from Parliamentary opposition is “An adult conversation, real debate or policy differences”.


  3. I think the opposition parties should resign for being ineffective.

  4. Speaking of Martin .... how do you think he's doing ..?

    IMHO he tries a bit toooo hard to be "Don" the funny guy, but having said that, he is establishing his full-time TV style - that takes time. Meanwhile, he should relax and just be himself ... a proud westerner. Shrewd and folksy.

    michael st.paul's

  5. who cares. the morons forced the tax payers to pay the parties for every vote so it really doesn't matter if government stationery is used or not. we, the taxpayer foot the whole damn bill anyway. stop the vote payment and force politicans to pay for everything related to political campagins.

  6. I find it hard to believe that all MPs and their staff don't do party business out of their MP offices.

    Where else do they have to do their partisan work.?
    And it is very curious how very high Jack Layton's office expenses are,
    perhaps he is just carefull enough not to get caught using the wrong stationary, the wrong email address etc.

  7. Did any of you get called by iggy to see if he is telling the truth in his radio ad. I never got called and I am not upset at the term Harper Government.
    This ad might really backfire in Que, as many of those hearing it might be informed for the first time that it is Harper that has led this government thru very shaky time, lowered their taxes, increased deductions, added deductions for them, and not stolen millions of dollars like their liberal mps got re adscam.