Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Ready For An Election?

Today's poll question; are you ready for an election in Canada? Most pundits agree that it is imminent and now can't be stopped. As Albert Einstein once said "you cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war". In late December when Iggy first declared Canadians "election ready" I asked you the question; are Canadians ready for an election? The result was No (56%), Yes (43%), Undecided (1%). It would be interesting to see if your opinion has changed in light of what's happened in the 3 months since the original poll.


  1. I do not want to spend 300 M to get rid of Iggy.

  2. yes, I do think Canadians need to deliver PMSH a majority government.
    This minority is only delivering half assed programs, watered down legislation and way too much proceedural game playing.

    If the Opps are determined to stop the government from functioning,
    the people need to decide.

    If a majority coalition of losers is the outcome,
    Western Canada will have to consider it's options. Can't say we didn't try...

  3. Sadly, it would be worth the cost to get rid of this arrogant individual and I hate to say that - but there is no option? Listen to all his next day rants and flip-flops on rinks and such? Absolute nonsense, the sooner, the better.
    Donolo is likely in his padded room wondering where he went wrong. Well I can tell you, taking on the job from day one is where he went wrong.
    For all his smarts, he's not that smart at all.
    Mr. Ignatieff will soon be abdicating the throne he thought he was entitled to. Dreams of grandeur - turned to pixie dust.
    Bring on the next panty-waist.

    E Mac

  4. Bring on the election and a Conservative majority. "IF" the coalition of losers ends up running this country maybe (just maybe) the citizens of Canada will wake up to the lying stealing and corruption that goes along with the entitled left. It would be a harsh lesson to the apathetic Canadians who don't bother to pay attention to politics of this country.

    Rob C

  5. $300,000,000.00 to get rid of Iggy ? I call that money well spent.

  6. look south of the border to see how a lefty runs the country. and if you want that then vote your precious liberals in I am sticking with my conservatives. thank you. and will hope to get our majority in the next election.

  7. It's a majority win if there's an election. If there isn't one, then it'll be a gradual seat by seat accumilation as idividual ridings come into play. The slower way will still cost more as suggested above than the cost of an election. Though we need not force one for the sake of expediency.

  8. Guess we will have to have an election. Doesn't look like the Coalition will stop digging for dirt, trying to drag an honest Govt. down to their corrupt level.
    It will be worth an election to defund the lying CBC.