Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ezra Levant Great On The Charles Adler Show

From all the news and analysis of this busy day in Ottawa, by far the most entertaining interview was Ezra Levant on the Charles Adler Show. While I don't always agree with Ezra, in this case he was at his best in describing how ridiculous it is for Iggy to cry foul over Conservative comments about Ignatieff's family history. To listen, visit http://www.charlesadler.com/ and look for the audio archive on the right hand side. The segment is March 22nd part 1 and is must listen.


  1. The Adler interview is great. And it's comical to see Michael Ignatieff feign offence at the Conservatives exposing his family's wealth. It's comical because the evidence detailing their wealth comes from Michael Ignatieff's own writings!

  2. Charles and Ezra are going to absolutely rock on Sun TV. April 18th can't come fast enough!