Saturday, March 5, 2011

Liberal NDP Non-Compete

The Liberals must be spooked about being seen forming agreements with the NDP, because the surest way to block a Conservative majority in the next election is with a limited non-compete agreement. Speaking strictly on electoral math, theoretically a full non-compete would have put Stephane Dion in government in 2008, assuming that 100% of NDP-Liberal voters cast a vote for their coalition counterpart. Even a limited non-compete in say 20 Tory ridings would in theory maximize the seat counts of both parties.

Why would the Liberals want to avoid any non-compete agreement with the NDP? Probably for the same reasons that I would write a blog post encouraging them to do so, because the Liberal right flank is vulnerable. Whenever the Liberals shift to the left, they lose support in the center. The center is where the greatest plurality of voters exist. If Ignatieff thinks that the next election is going to be won on the far left, bring it.


  1. I really hope that Canadians are not stuck on stupid and can see that these horse trading tactics are nothing but a power grab with no regard for the good of Canada.

    Rob C

  2. It will be very important to get the word out in all ridings that don't have a lib/ndp candidate. We know the coalition is hard at work. And the media will not tell us where non compete ridings are. To get a head start on where they might be, check out elections target and see where conservatives won by slim margins and see who come second and what the vote was for lib or ndp.

  3. It is a myth that the Liberals or NDP field 308 candidates that have the support of the party.

    Fillers are used in many ridings by both parties. It is a drain for them to divert resources including time to these ridings.

    The Liberals have not been competitive out WEST for over 5 generations. A shade of Russian nobility won't save this party from the John Turner rout coming.

  4. maryT I think you are 100% on the mark Conservatives need to go after the no compete seats with a plan
    CanadianSense we have all been aware of the Lib-NDP filler plan
    Conservatives need to counter strongly with strong candidates
    We must as Canadians prevent the Bloc-NDP-Liberal Coalition

  5. Back when I first started voting there was no NDP or Bloc. We had the Conservatives, Liberals and the party that everyone considered the Commies the CCF that evolved into the NDP. Actually they did not evolve from their commie stance they only changed their name. Anyway as I remember the Liberal philosophy from back then it would get them run out of town today as a bunch of extreme right wing Libertarians. Like Bob Dylan sang in his song.. The Times They Are A Changin or something like that. I sure do miss a lot of what used to be. Not all but a lot.