Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ignatieff Needs a Dose Of "Charlie Sheen"

Iggy recently compared Stephen Harper to Charlie Sheen??? Here I was under the impression that Charlie Sheen is a winner. The latest polling numbers certainly indicate that Stephen Harper is "winning" big, so maybe that much they have in common (minus the hookers and blow). Ignatieff is clearly not a winner. Therefore the Liberals should seek out the advice of Charlie on how to become winners. It is doubtful that they could afford his speaker's fee, but why not hire him to give a motivational speech at the next Thinkapalooza? Do you want to win? Charlie knows how to win. He's not bipolar, he's "biwinning".

By the way, this post was written with tongue in cheek. I'm not sure Iggy's latest TMZ culture drop is the sort of thing that belongs in our parliament. Leave the sarcasm and hyperbole to the blogosphere...

1 comment:

  1. He'd like to be winning....thats why he goes on all those bus tours....bad advice. Canadians still can't stand the guy. Think he better stay under cover.
    Letting Bob Rae do his talking for him isn't helping either of them.Raes latest redoric about Elections Canada......"Some rob you with a six gun. Some rob you with a fontain pen".

    Then some dump their cash in brown envelops at Chez Franks, like the Liberano$ did.
    Conservatives use their own money, Liberals use taxpayers money.Big difference.