Saturday, May 2, 2009

I hope they remembered to wash their hands...

As I was casually surfing through the channels on my television set today, I did happen to catch Michael Ignatieff making his way through a crowd of adoring Liberal delegates, shaking the hands of every person he passed, even blessing some with a hug and a kiss. The first thought to go through brain? Didn't the WHO recently advise people against shaking hands while this pig flu is spreading? I get that the mortality rate for this virus is not much different from the normal flu; nor am I accusing the Liberal Party of negligence by behaving in a manner en mass that could further spread a potentially volatile pathogen in a Province that has already amassed 22 cases. Mostly I am just concerned about the health and safety of all those Liberal foot soldiers and Field Marshals. What a devastating tragedy it would be if a mutant pig flu was spread through the ranks of the Liberal Party of Canada at the coronation of Michael Ignatieff...

PS: "..." is the only way I know to lyrically express sarcasm...

One more thing, I also noticed that Mr. Iggy has adopted a particularly annoying behavior that I first noticed in Hillary Clinton. I'm sure Hillary wasn't the first politician to do this, it was simply the first that I noticed doing because she looked so ridiculous doing it at a crowded rally. "The Point" where the politician walks through a crowd or stands on stage and does the point to someone they know, raised eyebrows, and smirk look. At least Iggy stopped short of the awkward clap and waddle back and forth; so at least he wasn't quite so foolish looking as Hillary was, but it was creepy none the less.


  1. The pointing thing goes along with the preaching thing. He does this stuff a lot! No wonder his English kids did not show up for the crowning, nor did Mrs. Dion (what a very classy lady she is, although she probably rues the day that Dion tried to run for leader!). His brother did, and he seems like a nice person, who took care of his mom in her old age.

    More than once IGGplant has told us that his job is to "explain" things to Canadians, translation, "how to think as I do". Now the new version is how to feel patriotic and united. Thanks, but we Canadians are fine, and there is no significant unity issue in Canada. His only unity issue is that most of us west of 416 and quite a few east of Montreal do not vote for the Liberal thieves.

    Lots of people seek their roots after being orphaned, but this man's search for his roots by trying to become a famous Canadian is pathetic. He was so sucked in by senior, desperate Libs. But, they fed the immense ego.

    He should just do like most grandparents do: make a nice scrapbook and pedigree chart for the offspring, and retire to Florida.

  2. What is with that sickening , phony, smile ? he keeps sticking on his face ? Is he trying to hide some rotten teeth? Don't MP's have a dental plan?

  3. If there was a unity crisis in Canada,
    wouldn't the Bloc be UP in the polls instead of down,
    wouldn't a separatist party in Alberta be having a convention?

    The only unity crisis in Canada since PMSH became PM,
    was Canadians wanting to separate from the Liberal Party of Canada.