Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bev Oda Bounce

After watching how the opposition ridiculously attacked cabinet minister Bev Oda the past few weeks, the Canadian public has responded by giving the Tories a 16% lead in the latest opinion poll. Although a temporary EKOS aberration allowed some pundits to muse about a negative "Bev Oda effect", what has happened in reality and all other polls is a "Bev Oda bounce". Of course maybe the strong polling numbers are a reflection of our fantastic economy. Canada had a remarkable 2010 and eclipsed virtually all growth predictions. I'd still like to think part of these numbers are people disgusted by the oppositions treatment of Bev Oda.

Or perhaps the public is rewarding her move to de-fund Kairos?


  1. Correct: Treatment of Conservative women in general (has been deplorable and there are others) as we all know.
    Making firm decisions to stop the bleeding (funding) to organizations like KAIROS is a good start. More waste needs to be curtailed to the ever crying groups who are self-serving.
    The days of something for nothing are over and gravy train should stop "NOW!"

  2. Media does stupid and enable opposition talking points.

    We are not buying the antics in the war room.

    Real issues are not being covered or given enough attention.

    The Canadian product "news" has fallen victim to their poor quality.

  3. It's the Duceppe guarantee
    "first 49 seats are on me, my coalition comrades"
    that moved the numbers, imo.

    As long as the LibDip combined don't lose more than 8 seats, with the Ducey guaranteed first 49,
    they can trot off to the GG with their coalition of losers majority.
    The only cure is a Harper majority

  4. Maybe people had a chance to take a closer look at Ignatieff and decided they didn't like what they saw. In my view, when the casual political watcher tunes in to the fact that Ignatieff was out of the country for 34 years the Conservative numbers will go into the high 40's: picking Ignatieff was such a bad move on so many levels.