Friday, February 4, 2011

Liberals Poaching NDP Policies

I don't frequently visit the Liberal website, but I checked tonight and they finally have a policy section. For the first part of Iggy's leadership, there was no party policy on the party website. Now they have added at least a vague description of what they'd like to do, and you know what, it sure sounds an awful lot like the NDP. At what point did the Liberals decide to try and outflank the NDP on the left? Iggy was supposed to be a centrist, but the longer he serves as Liberal leader, the more he sounds like Jack Layton.

And why aren't the NDP complaining about the Liberals poaching their policies? To read more about future unreleased Liberal policies, click here.


  1. "At what point did the Liberals decide to try and outflank the NDP on the left?"
    ever since the conservatives swung "centre" (whatever the hell that is these days)is my guess.
    get the majority and turn hard right. thats my hope still.


  2. Dippers have dubbed him "Iggy come lately"

    Funny, when Liberals are in government,
    Dippers insist they 'adopt' Dipper policy.
    Billions in Dipper policy save Paul Martin, for a short while.
    I doubt PMSH trusts Jack and his deal making.

  3. get the majority and turn hard right

    I doubt very much a majority would change anything.
    I didn't like the hard right policies of the Reform, and neither did 80% of Canadians,
    but I do approve 100% where PMSH is taking the country now.

  4. Iggy is desperate.