Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ignatieff Losing To "None Of The Above"

In the latest round of Nanos polling that asked who would be the best Prime Minister, not only did Iggy place behind Stephen Harper and Jack Layton, he also lost to "none of the above"! I strongly recommend listening to the Charles Adler Show from Feb 22, part 1 (visit the website and scroll down the audio links on the right hand side to Feb 22 pt 1). Adler asked Nanos is he had ever seen someone polling behind "none of the above" actually win an election, and the answer was a strong no. If anyone falls to 13.6% on the best prime minister poll behind none of the above, that candidate's probability of winning an elections is virtually zero.

Mike "None of the above" Ignatieff. I like the sound of that.


  1. Well, the polls sure are a mess of contradiction.If Ignatieff is doing so badly why is the party he's supposedly leading not well below the Dippers?

    Are the people so dense they'd vote for a party even though they know it's leader isn't fit to govern? Polls are making no sense.

  2. Liz J - Answer "YES!"

    After all, look at who they are.

    E Mac

  3. Nanos also points out that, the only way Bev Oda would become an issue, is if she resigned or was fired. He also says that Iggy's only hope is that Harper makes a huge blunder during the campaign, but there is little likelihood of that happening.

    So again, if you fast forward to the final days of the election campaign, our narrative about "you're gonna get a CPC majority or a coalition majority", is almost guaranteed to be the one that resonates the most with swing voters. And so far, the Lib "brainiacs" have their heads in the sand, refusing to deal with that obvious end game scenario.

    Like Nik said, they didn't rebut our narrative about "just in it for himself" Iggy,
    leading people to believe we are right about him. The same thing will happen with our coalition narrative being accepted as closest to reality. The polls, seat projections, Iggy's gobbledygook, and Duceppe's real politik will just reinforce our narrative.

    Too bad for the Libs that the universe of voters is NOT represented by the majority of posters on Maclean's Aaron Wherry's blog. They dismiss Harper's coalition narrative as if he's some kind of dummy, new to the political game.

    Calgary Junkie